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Icescape Instructions

Icescape is controlled by using the mouse. Click on items to interact, examine, or collect them. Click the I in the upper-right corner to open and close your inventory. Hover over objects to get their description.

Icescape Walkthrough

Icescape is a point-and-click adventure game. This escape game features lovely graphics, catchy music, and challenging gameplay.

Icescape takes place at a research station in the Arctic Circle. Something has hit your research base, and it is up to you to solve the mystery in this adventure game. You will have to be observant and quick-thinking in order to survive though, because if your body temperature falls too far, you will die in this adventure game!

Icescape is a very challenging adventure game, and sometimes you will have to wildly point and click to see if you can interact with items. I will help you to get out of the first room, but after that, you are on your own. The first thing that you will want to do is turn around to collect mints which will somehow increase your body temperature (maybe they are cinnamon?). Turn around by moving your mouse to the center-left or center-right of the screen, and clicking the arrow. Move your mouse to the bottom-right of the screen, and hover your mouse around until you find the first pack of mints. Collect them, and your body temperature will increase. Move your mouse left until you find a toolbox. Click on it to zoom in. Collect the mints to the left of the toolbox, then click on the toolbox's handle to open it. Take the screwdriver inside, then move your mouse to the right to collect the gloves. Once you have all of these items, click one of the arrows on the side of the screen to back away from the toolbox, then click on of the arrows again to turn around.

Hover your mouse over the chest to the right of the stage. The text will say that you could probably move the chest, so click it to do so. You can now reach the vent. Click on the vent, then open your inventory and equip your screwdriver by clicking on it. Click on the screws in the four corners of the vent to unscrew them, and you will automatically crawl through the vent and go on to the next phase of this adventure game.

Icescape requires you to be observant as well as speedy if you wish to survive. Also, be warned, that opening your inventory does not stop you from freezing, so if you're reading this while playing the game, I suggest you to restart, because you've probably already lost precious time!