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Rating: 4.09/5 stars (46 ratings)

I Saw Her Standing There Instructions

I Saw Her Standing There is controlled by using the keyboard. Move by using the arrow keys (or WASD keys). The spacebar is used to shoot.

I Saw Her Standing There Walkthrough

I Saw Her Standing There is an adventure game with something for everyone. This platform game has action, romance, comedy, and an awesome soundtrack!

I Saw Her Standing There follows the story of two star-crossed lovers. You control a man on his quest to woo the heart of a zombie woman (metaphorically-speaking; as her heart has probably decomposed). Will you be able to win her over? Does love truly conquer all? You will have to play through this adventure game to find out! There are fifteen levels divided into three acts of five each. Although the game can be beaten in less than fifteen minutes, your progress is saved so you can finish from where you leave off should you need to take a break.

Although you are looking for love, you will have to run away from your corpse bride-to-be. If you let her touch you, then you will die. Instead, you will have to trap her in the cage on each level. When you get close enough to her, she will following you. Lure her into the cage to complete the level and advance the the next.

The concept of this zombie game is simple, but it becomes more challenging as you progress. Later levels contain male zombies that do not share the same affection for you, but would still like nibbling on your brains. Zombies will follow your horizontal movements and can fall from platforms, but they cannot jump, so they will not be able to reach ledges above them. Use this to your advantage whenever possible. Some levels also contain guns. If you manage to collect the gun, you will be able to mow through the zombies with ease.

I Saw Her Standing There is a quick platform game with a charming story and mild humor to keep things going. I Saw Her Standing There may not be the most difficult adventure game, but its simplicity and brevity make for an excellent gaming break!