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Helio Adventures Reloaded Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Move up using 'w' or the up arrow key. Move down using 's' or the down arrow key.

Helio Adventures Reloaded Walkthrough

Helio Adventures Reloaded is the excellent follow up to Helio Adventures. The easier beginning levels are the same in both games so for those who haven't yet played the original balloon saving adventure game can still get the basic tutorial offered in the original game and the levels are even laid out exactly the same. Those that played the original game might find that a bit annoying as there is no option to skip these levels but as they progress in the game they will find the same increasing difficulty that they loved in the first game. Your goal is the same as it was in the first; free all of the caged balloons while avoiding bad guys and collecting stars. Stars give you bonus points, help you earn 'achievements' and unlock bonus levels, but you don't have to collect all of the stars to progress to the next level. If you want a little more difficulty out of the game, you can try to collect all of the stars, but if you find it hard, you can just focus on freeing the balloons. This means the game is perfect for anyone regardless of skill or experience level and offers a fun adventure game experience for everyone.

In Helio Adventures Reloaded, you are offered sixteen levels aside from the bonus levels, you need to work through to free all of the balloons. Take a moment or two to watch the intro video. It shows you how the balloons came to be captured and why you want to get them back. These captured balloons are your friends and they have been stolen. You want to get your friends back. Taking a moment to watch the intro (don't worry, it's fairly short) will give the game a little more intrigue and a little back story that makes the game more interesting. Do you have to face off against the bird that stole them? Play the game through to the end to find out!

The basic premise of Helio Adventures Reloaded is one of the most simple of any of the online adventure games. You have to free the caged balloons. Caged balloons are shown behind bars. You are the big red balloon and you'll grow and get stronger with every star you collect, allowing you to take more damage from the bad guys that want to prevent you for achieving your goal. The bad guys can be just about anything; spikes, hedgehogs, pineapples with wings, boxing gloves, fans and a variety of other pokey things. Remember, you're a balloon. Avoid anything that looks sharp. When you first start out, hitting a bad guy will kill you right away. Collect a star and you can take two hits. Collect two stars and you can take three hits and so on and so forth. In the beginning levels you likely won't need those extra hit points, but better to have them and not need them than to not have them and need them.

Overall, Helio Adventures Reloaded is every bit as fun as the original Helio Adventures adventure game and will keep fans of adventure games playing level after level. The game is challenging but not so much so that newcomers to the adventure game genre won't find it fun. Experienced players will have fun once the game gets going in later levels, but will even find a fair challenge in the beginning. The graphics are bright and entertaining, the music is fun and the levels get steadily harder as you progress. You'll have a blast with this excellent adventure game and go back for more again and again.