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Haunt The House Instructions

Haunt The House is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys (or WASD keys) are used to move and perform actions. Press the spacebar to possess objects.

Haunt The House Walkthrough

Haunt The House is a horror game that is perfect for the Halloween season. This adventure game features hauntingly delightful music, cute graphics, and challenging gameplay.

The objective of Haunt The House is to scare all thirty people from the mansion. In order to scare the residents, you must possess various items and perform actions to spook them. As you terrify more and more of the people, you will unlock more spooky actions that you may take while possessing an object. You will win this adventure game once all thirty people have left the house.

People in Haunt The House have various levels of horror. Performing some actions such as floating or making small movements with your possessed object will get their attention. If you continue to scare them, they may start shaking. After this, they will become genuinely scared and try to run away, followed by sheer terror. Once you have terrified a person, they will do anything they can to get out of the spooky house, including jumping out of windows!

It is best to use as many of the objects at your disposal to scare people in this adventure game. Scaring a person out of one room with one object, then quickly scaring them with an object in the next room that they run into is a great way to spook them out of the house. I have found that using actions that make sounds is an excellent way to get the attention of people in the room, then using another scary action will really make them tremble! Just be advised that you cannot travel between rooms while possessing an object in this adventure game. If you want to move between rooms, you will have to switch back to your ghost form to phase between walls.

In order to get a higher grade at the end of Haunt The House, you will want to scare the people as fast as possible. Also, you want to avoid leading people to their deaths by forcing them out of windows. You are not a friendly ghost, but you're not a homicidal one either, so try to scare you victims out of the front door instead of forcing them to jump to their deaths.

Haunt The House is a well-designed adventure game as can be expected from the Super Flash Bros. The graphics, audio, and gameplay are all solid in this adventure game. Haunt The House is such a fun horror game that it is almost scary!