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Hapland 3 Instructions

Hapland 3 is controlled by using the mouse. Interact with objects by clicking on them.

Hapland 3 Walkthrough

Hapland 3 is the third game in the Hapland series of puzzle games. This point-and-click game features improved graphics and a brand new puzzle to solve.

Similar to the first and second Hapland games, Hapland 3 places you right in the middle of the game as soon as it finishes loading. Instructions are not given, nor is there much of a storyline in this adventure game You are forced to figure things out for yourself. This may be a turnoff to some players, but others may like the additional challenge of figuring things out for themselves. Once you have figured things out, the game will not be very long. There is no save system in this puzzle game, and due to its brevity, saving is not necessary.

Hapland 3 uses the same point-and-click controls as its predecessors. Click on objects to interact with them. There is no inventory to manage in this adventure game. Your mouse cursor will change into a hand when you hover over objects or entities that can be interacted with. Interactive objects may be clicked, but progress will only be made when things are clicked in the correct order.

Hapland 3 may be difficult to figure out at first, so I will provide you with a brief walkthrough to get you started. First, click on the carrot to cause the stickman to eat it. Click on the man that ate the carrot to move him to the right. Click on the man below him three times to bring forth another carrot. Click on this carrot, then quickly click on the top of the box below the first stickman to knock it out of his hand. Two flies will appear; they must be clicked before they reach the carrot. A beetle will move to eat the carrot. Click on a small switch where the beetle was resting to cause a UFO to liftoff.

Click on the stickman operating the lever until a rightwards-pointing arrow appears. Click on the other arrow so that it points to the right. Click on the right side of the box to open it. Click on the UFO, then quickly click on the right button below the box. This will cause a chain reaction, and the man will end up entering his home. The point of this action is unknown, but you're closer to solving the puzzle! Good luck! Click on the red arrow above the man that ate the carrot to make him jump down.

Hapland 3 may seem confusing or even pointless to some, but once you get started, you will find that is is a delightful puzzle game. If you enjoyed the previous Hapland games, then don't miss this wonderful sequel!