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Hapland 2 Instructions

Just like in Hapland - the original game, the control scheme of Hapland 2 is anything but complicated. Focusing more on exploring and observing stuff rather than having lightning fast reflexes, you only need to click with your mouse. That's about it! Nothing fancy, nothing finger twisting. Let's check out the game...

Hapland 2 Walkthrough

If you loved Hapland, then you will go nuts with Hapland 2. YES, it's here. It's NOT a continuation of Hapland in a sense that you will take on new puzzles and challenges. BUT at the same time, it also seems like a continuation of Hapland since the game play remains pretty much the same. Just like the original adventure game, the objective is to unlock that stone portal and discover the power within (whatever that power is).

Now, you are NOT given clear cut instructions or clues as to what to do concerning that stone portal. HOWEVER, you are given a goal to work towards and that's all you need when playing adventure games.

Classic puzzle and adventure games in the making, Hapland and Hapland 2 set the standard for casual flash point and click adventure games. PLUS, it throws in some nice elements of real time interaction as well as timing. Real time since cause and effect play a HUGE part when it comes to solving the mysteries in their games. And they do rely on the help as well as support of stick figures included in the game.

YES, you need the cooperation of the guys to complete the game. Just be careful not to blow their heads off (which you will if you are not careful of the steps needed to complete the quest) as that will force you to hit reset and start from square one.

The instructions for Hapland 2 is very straightforward: click on everything. Well, that sums up everything! Well, there's one thing I would like to add though: that is to click on everything and keep an eye... observe closely what follows.

Back in February when Hapland was released, it became one of the most sought after point and click adventure games. It's NOT surprising why. The game is simply brilliant - the design, the game play itself, and everything else in between. And fans of the original Hapland will rejoice when they realize that the sequel takes that successful formula and runs Hapland 2 with it.

Not to mention they tossed in real time interaction as well as dead end scenarios. This was a refreshing change from the static puzzle and adventure games we have seen previously. Robin added a no-win situation...something that is usually avoided in game design. BUT by doing so, this genius has created a richer world that has MORE life than your average point and click adventure games.

With graphics that are charming and simple, puzzles that are very intricate...intricate enough to challenge even the most cunning and twisted minds out there, Hapland 2 will surely keep you glued for the hours to come. Without a doubt, Hapland point and click adventure games are some of the best when it comes to casual game exepriences you can lay your hands on. Not to mention it shows excellence in flash game design.

3 words about Hapland and Hapland 2: I LOVE IT!