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Rating: 3.75/5 stars (138 ratings)

Hapland Instructions

Being one of the more popular point and click adventure games, Hapland doesn't have elaborate controls. Well, you just need to use your mouse, particularly the left click button, and that's it. Nothing really fancy or complicated as far as controls go. Onto the game!

Hapland Walkthrough

Stickman games and adventure games - both are fun, both are engaging. And you get the best of both worlds with this flash game that came from the bowels of the twisted mind of Robin Allen - Hapland. According to Allen, this is more of an interactive world filled with bizarity...making it stand out from average adventure games. HOWEVER, there's still a win condition and it has something to do with lighting both torches to open that stone portal and unleash the power within. Sounds easy? Yeah, but proving that it is easy is another matter.

The game play of Hapland consists of using your mouse and clicking to trigger events with the world of Hapland. There are events that require clicking things a couple of times. There are some that require exact timing. Little stick figures will react to the actions and events. Sometimes, they would even get killed in the process. And do that event many times over, and they will also die (in a rather gory way) many times over too. If you are someone who's against violence against stick figures, may I suggest playing solitaire instead?

Anyway, everything about the game - the graphics, animation, as well as the sound effects, are all nicely done. They do a good job of creating a very compelling as well as puzzling experience.

Overall, Hapland is one of those adventure games that are very neat. It reminded me of the games created in Hypercard back in the day. The length is just about right, well, everything is just about right.

It does have the ability to turn you into a paranoid person though. I always turn off the lights in the game. Why? What's the point? Well, I don't like the idea of getting to the end only to realize that I have to start over because of those damn lights! As for the windows, I have seen players saying that they need to open the window. Now, you don't need to do that right in the beginning. You can wait until the guy inside opens it, and when he shuts it, the concrete will drop.

Don't worry if what I'm saying doesn't make any sense yet. Play the game and it surely will. Compared to other uber-hard adventure games, Hapland is relatively easy BUT it requires precision...A LOT! There are different steps you need to perform and you better follow them carefully. Before you get rolling, here are names representing different stick figures in play:

(1) First, we have the Cave Man, this is the guy trapped at the bottom. (2) Lever Man, this is the stick man situated beside the cannon. (3) Tower man, on the other hand, is beside the bell and you will see him later. There you go, that should give you some reference points.

Also, in case you flunk and mess up, you need to press the reset button. That's the 2 circular arrows located in the bottom right corner of the game window and start over again. Crazy, fun, and a little violent - it's one of those adventure games you simply have to play.