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Gunbot Instructions

Move left using 'a' or the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Jump using 'w' or the up arrow key. Duck using 's' or the down arrow key. Aim with the mouse. Shoot with the left mouse button. Reload using 'r'. The controls for additional skills are shown in game.

Gunbot Walkthrough

Gunbot is an entertaining and addictive adventure game that starts off right away with a rather casually told little story that serves as the foundation for the game. While with many adventure games you don't really miss out on anything by skipping the intro, and perhaps you don't really miss anything important with this one, but the story is fun and offers some pretty cool graphics. It isn't all that long and gives the game an extra dimension. There are ancient lost artifacts, dudes who can spontaneously combust at will and a while bunch of other cool stuff that get you excited for the game. Watch it. It only takes a moment and you'll be glad you did.

There are three worlds in Gunbot and twenty-two levels in total for you to complete to win the game; eight levels make up the first two words and six make up the third world. Beating all twenty-two levels can be quite difficult to do. The game starts off fairly easily. Anyone with any experience at all with shooting based adventure games should be able to get through it with ease. The first one is really all about being careful. If you take even two hits from your enemies, you'll lose. Don't try to rush through the level or you'll get caught off guard by an enemy you didn't expect and probably take a hit that you just can't afford to take.

In that first introductory level in Gunbot, it's important you don't ignore the six stars scattered throughout the level. Getting all six stars is pretty important. Collecting all six stars will reward you with a $300 cash bonus at the end of the successfully completed level. That $300 will definitely help you save money for the all important upgrades we'll talk about in a moment or two. At the end of the level, you'll see how many stars you collected, how quickly you got through the level and your experience information. As is the case with most online adventure games, experience is important in this one. The skill level you're at is shown at the top of the skill section on the 'level complete' screen. Below that, you see how much experience you earned for that level. Finally and most importantly, you see a bar that shows how far you have left to go until you reach the next skill level. Reaching a new skill level will give you a new skill you can perform during game play.

After you leave the 'level complete' screen, you'll get to the sort of main menu page within the game. Here you can see all the most important information laid out for you. At the top of the box on the bottom left, you can see how much cash you have and any diamonds you've earned. Diamonds are given for reaching achievements and can be used to purchase 'premium' upgrades. Below your cash and diamond information, you have the two buttons that will take you to the skills section and to the achievements section. Both sections are important and you'll need to get used to using them. The skills section is pretty easy to understand. You'll see your experience information again as well as a list of skills you've unlocked. Click on an unlocked skill to see what it does and to see what controls you need to use to perform that skill. For example, you'll unlock the 'edge grab' right away. To use it, you simply need to stand near an edge and hit 'x' or the up arrow key. Helpful illustrations show you how you can use the edge grab to your advantage during game play.

Achievements are vital in Gunbot. Each time you reach a new achievement, you will receive the diamonds I mentioned earlier which you'll need to purchase premium upgrades. Premium upgrades will help you tremendously, especially in the more difficult levels later in the game. When you click on the achievements button, you will see all the achievements you've earned with locks indicating the achievements you've left to earn. Hover over a lock with the mouse to see what you need to do to get that achievement and to see how many diamonds you'll be rewarded with if you get that achievement. Some of the achievements are pretty easy. For example, the first achievement is simply to buy something and that one will reward you with fifteen diamonds. They do get more difficult progressively, but with time and patience, you'll be able to get all those achievements.

Once you've looked over the achievements and the skills, it's time to look at the upgrades Gunbot offers. This game is really no different than most of the other adventure games online in terms of upgrades and their importance in succeeding in the game. This one does, however, differ in the sense that there are three categories of upgrades to choose from but they perhaps aren't the categories you would expect to see. You have your expected weapons upgrades under 'guns' but you also have shields and the above mentioned premium upgrades. The premium upgrades offer you some excellent guns, but you don't need to worry about them too much in the beginning of the game. They're fairly expensive and while useful, you just don't need them right away. Instead, focus on the basic weapons and shield upgrades so you can get those achievements, earn those diamonds and get some of those awesome premium guns.

Pay close attention to the stats for each upgrade you are considering in Gunbot before you make the purchase. You want to make sure you get the upgrade that will help you the most. Consider the area of your game that needs help the most. If you're a pretty good shot and aren't having much trouble taking out the enemies but are having trouble avoiding enemies long enough to shoot them, get the shield upgrades first. As you progress more enemies will attack and you'll need a decent shield to protect yourself. If, on the other hand, you're having trouble taking out the enemies, get a better gun first and then work on the shield. While skill is important in this game, so too is wisely purchasing upgrades.

The best way to do well in Gunbot is to approach each new level with caution. This is generally good practice in any online adventure game, but it's especially true with this one. You never know where the bad guys are going to come from and in many cases, they'll catch you off guard. Using a measure of caution will help you be ready for whatever the game throws your way. The controls are going to be hard for some newcomers to the adventure game genre to get used to, but with practice and patience you will be able to get the hang of them. To newcomers, I would just recommend being patient and giving yourself time to get used to how the game is played and how the controls work. For more experienced players, the first few levels will be fairly easy but it does get a lot more difficult as the game progresses.