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Gateway II Instructions

Interesting and fun games don't need mind boggling and finger twisting control schemes. And that's very true with Gateway II. The controls are simple - just use your mouse and its left click button for guiding your character, entering gateways, picking up and using items, combining picked up items, and everything else in between.

Gateway II Walkthrough

Gateway II - this game has a very simple premise. You need to guide your character (who happens to be a faceless robot) through a series of rooms. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, it does until you realize that there are mini puzzles in every room. And you need to solve each and everyone of those for you to advance.

Some Help: If you have problems seeing certain colors, just go back to the options section and switch on color aid. And if you are suffering from some sort of hearing impediment, then just click hearing aid on and you should be well on your way to enjoying the game. The same option works if your computer doesn't have any audio.

The whole game is controlled by your mouse. For you to move around, just click anywhere on the ground. You will see small foot prints which indicates where you can go. Again with your mouse, you can interact with objects on the screen. Such objects will be highlighted when you move your mouse over them - use it on a button on the wall, switching the hot or cold tap water on, and everything else in between.

Along with that, you can also pick up certain items - stairs, remote control, batteries, and others. To pick it up, just move your mouse cursor over it, click, and that's it! When you pick up items, they are added to your inventory. You can easily examine what are the stuff in your inventory by clicking them. Now, when you want to use items, just drag them to the area on the screen where you want to use them. You will be notified when it doesn't work.

PLUS, the items in your inventory can also be combined. To do that, just pick them both and drag one over the other.

That's about it. That's everything you need to know to enjoy this game that requires you to use those creative juices. Gateway II - this is one long game (and an entertaining and interesting one at that by the way) so don't forget to save your game.