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Gateway I Instructions

Just like most online and flash adventure games, the controls of Gateway I is anything BUT complicated and hard. Just make sure you mouse is working and you are good to go - you will be off to opening rooms, picking up items, combining the items you got together, and those are just to name a few. BUT don't let the easy control scheme deceive you. This game is nowhere near boring.

Gateway I Walkthrough

In Gateway I, everything is entirely controlled with the mouse. For you to move around the area or room, click on the area of the ground where you want to go. By the way, the small footprints you see indicate where you can go.

There are several objects that you can interact with in the game - switches, remote controls, and others. Things that you can interact with are highlighted when you move your cursor or mouse over them. Along with that, there are stuffs that you can pick - stack of stairs, batteries, etc. For you to pick them, just move your mouse over it and click.


Cool - those items that you pick up are added to your inventory. Want to examine them? Yeah? To get the job done, just click it and something on the screen will tell you what you just picked up. Now, there are portions in the game where you need to use the item you just got. For you to use that item, just drag them to your inventory and drop them where you want them.

To make the game even more interesting, you can combine the different items you have added into your inventory. For you to combine them, all you have to do is pick them up, drag them over the other, and VIOLA! You just combined to objects. Now, if they don't match, you will be notified on the screen.

You may be wondering - how on earth do you win in this game?

The game works on a very simple premise: guide your character (which happens to be a robot) from one room to another. For you to advance from a room to the next, you should solve a mini puzzle - and mind you, these mini puzzles are challenging.

There are different options on the menu to help you: switch on the Color Aid if you have a hard time distinguishing one hue from another or you can turn on the Hearing Aid if your hearing abilities are impaired. Enjoy!