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Galaxy Jumper Instructions

Use your mouse to aim and the left mouse button or spacebar to jump. Collect all of the keys in a level to open the exit, while collecting coins unlocks new levels. Once you've jumped, if you don't land into a galaxy, you'll keep floating in the same direction until you hit a boundary and disintegrate - so definitely look before you jump. Press enter to start a galaxy level or purchase a new one (if you have enough coins).

Galaxy Jumper Walkthrough

Galaxy Jumper is an interesting adventure game that's quite easy to pick up, but difficult to master. At the start of the game, you'll be thrown into space - it's the menu. You'll learn quickly that clicking on something that you can't land on is automatic death, and once you've entered the first level, you'll see the real object of the game.

The premise of each level (or galaxy) is to collect all keys, so you can unlock the exit, and fly to the exit. There are also coins you can gather, but they're not required - although you will need them to unlock levels down the road. After you've completed a level, you'll be thrown back to the overworld map, and it's up to you to pick out your next level. Once you've gotten to a new black hole, hit the enter key to purchase it; press the enter key again to start the level.

Keys and coins are planted on certain spots of asteroids and planets - and since the jumper can't walk around once he's landed on a planet, you'll have to jump and dash across various planets before you can finally find the correct angles for certain objects. But this isn't an adventure game where you're just going after treasure - you'll have to avoid tons of enemies while you're playing, too. Laser beams and aliens are just a few things you'll encounter in the first couple of levels, so be prepared.

All in all, Galaxy Jumper is a fun, unique adventure game where you'll want to retry levels because they're fun to play through. And, depending on how many coins you collect, you'll be able to make it into really difficult levels - where you won't be retrying by choice.