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Rating: 4.64/5 stars (1309 ratings)

Frizzle Fraz Instructions

Move Frizzle Fraz with the arrow keys to collect keys, pick up little frizzles for bonus points, and avoid enemies throughout twenty five levels in this adventure game. While on land, Frizzle Fraz will continuously bounce, although in water, you'll be able to move freely in all directions. You'll need a certain number of keys to unlock the door at the end of each particular level, so make sure you're picking them up - picking up little frazzles, however, isn't required - but they add to your score.

Frizzle Fraz Walkthrough

Although the hero of this adventure game is a round ball named Frizzle Fraz, it doesn't take anything away from the game. Combining standard platform gameplay with evil frizzles and death traps, you'll probably end up getting a gameover more than once in Frizzle Fraz.

Each level starts out easy enough - and the first levels you'll play through will require that you gather five keys before you can unlock the door at the end of the level. Along the way, you're expected to pick up little frizzles - but they only add to your score, and if you end up getting hit while holding a bunch of them, they'll be left where you were last standing while you're moved back to an earlier checkpoint in the level. This makes collecting little frizzles a hassle, and if you're not trying to get a highscore, then you shouldn't waste your time picking them up.

So, when you're bouncing through a level with Frizzle Fraz, try to go for the keys first - since you'll have to go back and find any that you've missed before you can move on. You'll also encounter red and yellow trap buttons while traversing through levels in this adventure game - the yellow buttons activate traps (and they're pretty easy to spot), while bouncing on a red button will cause you to bounce twice as high.

Better than your regular platforming adventure game, Frizzle Fraz is a fun digression - even with its super cute protagonist. As long as avoid the evil frizzles, you'll have a great time playing this particular flash game; try and see how far you can get.