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Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Instructions

Fancy Pants Adventure World 2: the control scheme of this game is anything BUT hard. You just need to use the arrow buttons for moving Fancy Pants around the area. And for jumping, just hit the S button and that's it. What could be easier than that? HOWEVER, the word easy is just for the controls. The game play itself is anything BUT easy.

Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Walkthrough

Here's the story in Fancy Pants Adventure World 2: Fancy Pants (which is the character you will be playing) plays a game of Fancy Pants Golf - a version of golf where you don't need clubs or drivers to play the game. Instead, you just need to keep it around the area until it reaches the hole (which is huge enough to accommodate 3 people!).

Long story short, Fancy Pants played a smashing game...putting the ball into the hole in a moment's notice (not surprising). And as a reward, the City Mayor awarded him with an Ice Cream that he raised in the sky like a champ. HOWEVER, all of a sudden, a HUGE rabbit came out of the golf hole - pissed as he was hit by the golf ball. Avenging himself, he took the Ice Cream from Fancy Pants.

No matter how much fist shaking he does, there's no way he could get the Ice Cream back. He must dive deep into the hole and confront the rabbit - all for humanity and for Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 to have a plot.

And this is where the fun starts. For every level in Fancy Pants World 2 - there is a snail. You have to jump on it and use its shell as a golf ball and pot it into the hole. Sounds easy? It does until you realize that the hole is like 300 feet above from where you are. PLUS, you need to hunt for that snail which is surrounded with obstacles.

To make the game more challenging, there are spiders and other enemies along the way. You need to jump on them and kick them to oblivion. Otherwise, they will attack you when you get too near. Be careful constantly going fire under these guys will drain your life bar.

Action packed, has easy controls, graphics that your computer can definitely handle, coupled with a weird plot - this game: Fancy Pants Adventure World 2 has it all. Play it on a boring rainy day and it will surely cheer you up.