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Rating: 4.62/5 stars (848 ratings)

Flight Instructions

How to play Flight? Here's how: click and hold on the paper plane at the beginning of every level. Toss it using your mouse and release the left click button to let it fly by itself. After you have bought the rudder upgrade, you can use the directional keys or the A and D keys to turn the plane. This will help direct its flight as long as you have sufficient fuel.

Flight Walkthrough

Created by Krin Juangbhanich (creator of Sonny), Flight is one of those simple BUT engaging launch and adventure games that comes with a sweet premise. You control a paper plane that is bound for North Pole, specifically for Santa Claus. And yes, this paper plane contains a precious cargo: a letter from a little girl who has a simple wish. And that is to see her mother again. The letter ends up being passed through different hands and people, people who have their own ways of interpreting the girl's Christmas wish.

There are a couple of things you can pick up along the way to make the task easier: (1) stars, these grant you cash that you can later use to upgrade your plane. And believe me, that's something you REALLY need! (2) Next, we have paper cranes. These cranes give you temporary multiplier to your funds.

The farther you manage to fling your paper plane, the farther it actually travels...passing through different countries and locations in an effort to make it to the North Pole. You need to learn how to make use of shooting stars for boosts, how to dodge those perilous winds, and those are just to name a few.

Now, to be honest, I'm never good with paper planes. My younger sisters can create paper planes that can actually glide. I specialize in creating versions that shoot straight to the ground. Nevertheless, I took Flight and enjoyed it almost immediately. True, it's one of the simpler adventure games out there BUT it's charming and polished...polished well enough that you can easily find yourself hooked to it.

I don't know, BUT there's something that is breezily enjoyable about Flight. Clean graphics, fast paced game play - while it is true that there isn't MUCH variety to it, the strong points of Flight more than make up for it.

Every part of the world that you go to has its own design. HOWEVER, you are going to spend more time flying at higher altitudes where almost everything looks the same. Yes, you will wind up flying in an empty sky where you would wish to find more stuff. Another minor flaw of the game is the story behind it, which unfolds in cutscenes and in between stages. The ending is NOT the most satisfactory one. Not to mention the cutscene in Egypt is a little out of place. It doesn't make any sense and doesn't fit in the overall flow of the game.

Aside from that though, Flight is still an extremely polished launch and adventure game that will surely win the hearts of fans of amateur aviation. Don't forget to upgrade your paper plane every once in a while. If you really want Santa to know what you want for Christmas, consider launching a paper plane. That should get the job done.