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Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey Instructions

Buy items or select hidden items using the mouse and the left mouse button.

Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey Walkthrough

In Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey, your goal is simple. Help a young marine biologist named Jennifer win the Best Aquarium Award and win yourself a shiny new trophy. In order to win that trophy you must buy fish for your aquariums, decorations and items that will make your fish more comfortable such as filters, backlights and feeders. This excellent game combines the fun of hidden object games with the intrigue of adventure games to make a fun experience everyone will enjoy. Regardless of what you are looking for in your adventure game, this one has it. The combination of likely and engrossing graphics and a fun premise ensure this is a game you will want to play again and again.

When you are ready to buy items for your tank in Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey, you will see three options; Fish, Beauty and Comfort. These options are shown at the bottom of the game screen below your aquarium. If you want to buy fish, click on the fish tab and choose your fish by clicking the '+' sign. When you click the '+', you will see a dollar amount appear of the screen. That indicated how much you have paid for the item. Your current dollar balance is shown at the top right of your screen. Below where you see your current dollar balance you will see three indicator bars; one representing fish, one representing beauty and one representing comfort. As you add things to your tank, these bars will fill. Fill them up to 100% and win a trophy! When you run out of money, you need to earn more. Click on the 'dive' button at the bottom right of your screen to start playing the game to earn the money you need buy cool things for your tank and fill it with fish.

The actual game part of Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey is fairly easy to understand. At the bottom of the screen, you have a list of objects you need to locate. Above that, you are shown an underwater world where these objects will be hidden. You will need to find all of the objects on the list to advance to the next level. When you find one of the objects on the list, click on it. The object will then disappear from the game screen and will also be removed from your list. The great thing about this game is that you are given five hints you can use if you have trouble finding any object. Clicking on 'hint' will release a seahorse that will swim to where the hidden object you can't find is located. The actual challenge you face in each level will change from time to time. Sometimes instead of having to find a list of items you will instead have to find ten of a certain item or find as many gold items as you can before time runs out. Regardless of what challenge you are presented with, the controls are always the same. Click to submit and complete the challenge to advance. Find items as fast as you can to get a time bonus but remember, use hints sparingly. You only have five. You can collect additional hints by finding seahorses, but they can be difficult to find, so it's best to not rely on them.

Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey offers two modes of play; Relaxed Mode and Timed Mode. In Relaxed Mode you don't have to struggle against a timer so if you are looking for a more casual, laid back game experience or aren't used to hidden object based adventure games, this might be the best option for you. In Timed Mode you basically play the game the same way you would in Relaxed Mode with the added challenge of a timer you have to beat. This adds an extra level of difficulty to the game for those looking for a game with a higher level of difficulty. For newcomers to this genre of game, try out a few games in Relaxed Mode and then more on to the higher intensity Timed Mode. It doesn't make the game impossible; just adds a little extra challenge.

The best way to get a good score and really advance in Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey is to take note of the object surrounding the objects on your list. For example, if your challenge is to find a hand fan, keep an eye on what objects are around the hand fan. The placement of the objects doesn't change from level to level so if you can remember where things are, you can find them much more quickly. There will be items in each level you've never been asked to find before, so the game never becomes easy or dull but remembering where things are, particularly in timed mode, can make the game a little less challenging. In addition, the faster you find objects the bigger your speed bonus will be, so remembering where things are located can help you get a much bigger score.

Overall, Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey is one of the best adventure games on the internet. It doesn't get weighed down is a complicated story that requires you to do a lot of reading. Instead, if gives you a fairly simple premise, simple controls and a lot of fun. This game is perfect for anyone regardless of their experience level or skill level with adventure games as well as anyone who loves hidden object games. This is an incredibly addictive and engrossing game every game fan should play at least once.