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Fancy Pants Adventure Instructions

In Fancy Pants Adventure, use the left and right arrow keys to get Mr. Fancy Pants moving. For jumping, pressing the S button should get the job done. Want to open a door? No biggie - just press the up directional key. For ducking, the down directional key is the one to press. To roll, press duck while you are on a slant or while you are landing. And if ever you need to pause the game, just hit the space bar and do whatever it is that you need to do.

Fancy Pants Adventure Walkthrough

If you are looking for fast paced adventure games where pure doses of fun are injected in every level, then Fancy Pants Adventure is a game you should check out. The Fancy Pants Adventure is one of those online platform adventure that is created by Brad Borne. In the game, you will play as a hip and nicely animated character, who wears...well, a fancy pair of pants!

The game is somewhat reminiscent of the adventure game Sonic The Hedgehog, which is equally exciting. Matter of fact, there are elements in The Fancy Pants Adventure that are taken directly from Sonic The Hedgehog - (1) the speed and (2) secrets that are a little out of reach. Just like in Sonic, you need to dash through open levels and from time to time, you will encounter those obstacles and enemies.

There are different platforms you will encounter in the game - there are springboards that will send you skyward. Next, there are half pipes that run around as well as hills (which are oddly shaped) that will propel you in different directions. While it does have a fairly fast pace, slowing down in The Fancy Pants Adventure is sometimes good. You see, as I have said, there are several hidden areas in the game that you otherwise won't see or have a glimpse of if you don't take the time to slow down.

As you take a closer look at the sleek worlds in The Fancy Pants Adventure, you will come across a couple of items - first there are floating swirls as well as trophies. Floating Swirls refresh your health a bit and when you get 100 of those, you get an extra life (and it's measured in fancy pants by the way). Trophies, on the other hand, can be easily collected and viewed from the main room of the you info about other titles and adventure games showcased by Armor Games.

Wrapping things up, the very first thing I observed about The Fancy Pants Adventure is that it feels and looks complete...and very polished too. And that is pretty impressive when you consider that there is only one world available in the game! The stages - they are very vast and open. They are begging to be explored. That's EXACTLY what you are looking for in adventure games. You won't want to leave a stone unturned when playing The Fancy Pants Adventure. After all, there are no time limits so explore to your heart's delight and bring out the adventurer in you.

The physics of the game is very well done. The main character's animation is very smooth. Of course, it's still a notch or two exaggerated, which is nice since it allows you to perform jaw dropping acrobatics while you launch him around. Oh! And the music, composed by Geier Arnold, it's just great and fits the whole game and atmosphere like a glove.