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Rating: 4.68/5 stars (642 ratings)

Escaping The Prison Instructions

Escaping The Prison is controlled by using the mouse. Click on different items or actions to make your choice.

Escaping The Prison Walkthrough

Escaping the Prison is an interactive adventure game that is the sequel to Breaking The Bank and the prequel to Stealing The Diamond. Like the other adventure games in this series, Escaping The Prison features excellent stick figure animation, a quirky sense of humor, and multiple endings!

The objective of Escaping The Prison is to do just that: escape from the prison with your life! To accomplish your goal, you will have to make the right choices when you are prompted to do so. Failure to make the right action or make an action quick enough can lead to your peril in this adventure game. Not to worry; you have unlimited lives in Escaping The Prison, and upon failure you may retry the current scene or retry the game from the very beginning.

There are multiple ways to succeed in Escaping The Prison, so various choices may lead to your victory. Once you have beaten the game, try making different choices to view all of the alternate endings of this adventure game.

Failure is part of the fun in Escaping The Prison. The failure animations are quite humorous, and it is sometimes worth making blatantly wrong choices just to view them. Unlike the sequel to this adventure game, Stealing The Diamond, there is no count of unique failures, but it is still fun to watch the animations. If you complete the game with all of the different endings, why not try to see all of the different failures?

Escaping The Prison is an entertaining escape game with a lot to offer. You can speed through this adventure game in less than a minute, but I advise you to play through it a few times so that you can see all of the animations. If you have played Breaking The Bank or Stealing The Diamond, be sure to catch the whole story in Escaping The Prison!