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Escape From Puppy Death Factory Instructions

Escape From Puppy Death Factory is controlled by using the keyboard. Move by sing the arrow keys. Use the spacebar, Z key, or X key to shoot. Press R to return to the last checkpoint. The Pkey pauses the game.

Escape From Puppy Death Factory Walkthrough

Escape From Puppy Death Factory is an adventure game developed by Adult Swim Games. This platforming game features retro-style sprite graphics, amazing audio, and multiple endings.

When you first begin Escape From Puppy Death Factory, you can decide to play the tutorial or jump right into the main game. If this is your first time playing, I strongly advise you to head to the left and complete this adventure game's tutorial. To read hints in the tutorial, press the down arrow key in front of question mark boxes to read the dialogue. Once you have completed the tutorial, the main game will begin.

The objective of Escape From Puppy Death Factory is to rescue the thirty-five puppies trapped on the planet. You can leave the planet before rescuing all of the puppies, but of course, you will not truly win this adventure game unless all thirty-five pups have been rescued. Cats have nine lives, but dogs have unlimited lives (at least in this puzzle game), so yo will return to the last checkpoint that you activated if you die. To manually teleport to the last checkpoint, press the R key. You can load the game from the last checkpoint that you activated should you end your session, so you won't have to complete the game in one sitting.

Escape from Puppy Death Factory uses a keyboard control scheme. The arrow keys are used to move. To shoot, use the spacebar, the Z key, or the X key. You only have one weapon in this adventure game: a ray gun that swaps your positions with objects. Proper usage of this tool is paramount to completing the game. This gun swaps the position of the item that it strikes with the position of the dog when the shot hits. Keep this in mind because it will help you to solve some puzzles. It should also be noted that momentum is conserved when teleporting, so if you started a jump when your position was swapped, you will continue the jump in your new position. Additional tips are provided in the tutorial.

Escape From Puppy Death Factory is a well-designed game, as expected from Adult Swim Games. If you are a fan of adventure games, platforming games, or puzzle games, then Escape From Puppy Death Factory will be a real treat for you!