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Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Instructions

WASD or Arrow Keys to move, spacebar to interact, right-click to set the options, M to open the menu and F to go to the food menu.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Walkthrough

Sequel to the previous entry in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. While the previous was exclusively battles, this one plays more like a traditional RPG. After the events of Epic Battle Fantasy 2 which involved bringing down a dictator and the party getting in trouble with a powerful life-sucking demon, Matt, Natz, and Lance from the previous entry were sent back to level 0 and have to regain their powers to stop the demon.

The battle system is not too different from Epic Battle Fantasy 2 or most RPG/Adventure Games, but there are still key changes. Firstly, you can see the value of any buff or debuff on mouseover, and monsters can appear in multiple waves, so don't let yourself get over-confident in a fight. Outside of battle, your HP recovers rapidly so take your time.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has several systems that make it stand out among RPGs. The Forge system under the menu allows you to upgrade your weapons, which in turn increases your overall stats while it's equipped. To do this, click Forge and look through your options. If you can upgrade any of your equipment, it will be highlighted with a white number. Upgrading equipment costs items, and items can be found by killing monsters, doing quests, and opening treasure chests.

Your party in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 consists of Matt, Natz, and Lance. Matt as before is your omni-elemental physical attacker with access to means of buffing the party's stats. He has the highest HP and Defense growth of the trio, making him perfectly capable of withstanding most attacks.

Natz has the best MP, Magic Attack, and Magic Defense, she is your mage and healer, and can both heal her allies and use powerful attack magic. Like Matt, she has most of her commands from the previous titles in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

Lance is your tactical specialist. His MP growth is better than Matt and he hits twice on a single attack, and has access to anti-buff and status-ailment abilities. What Matt can't debuff, he can.

Limit Breaks are still in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, but this time you need to save up a bit of AP and buy them. Good news about this, you can hang onto your limit breaks and abstain from using them instead of your physical attack just in case you're in one of -those- hellish situations where you have no MP and have no physical limit breaks.

Tips: Learn as many elemental spells as quickly as you can. Fire spells are extremely effective in the forest and can kill most enemies in one shot.

Enemies only attack if you talk to them. Take advantage of this and regenerate your HP and MP before each battle for a guaranteed victory.

Don't bother with Natz' physical attack. Ever. It's less reliable than Lucky Star.

Attacks that hit multiple times like Legend and Plasma are more effective against high-evasion enemies as each blow has a chance to hit.

Take advantage of the Order tactical ability, if you feel the turn order could be a bit better.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3's debuffs and buffs cap out at a 50% bonus/penalty and gravitate towards zero at the end of each turn, keep this in mind during boss battles.