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Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Instructions

All controls are mouse-based. Point and click to navigate menus and choose your targets. In the minigame, left and right moves NoLegs, up jumps, down attacks, up then down does a whirlwind attack, and down and up does a slash and thrust.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Walkthrough

Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is the sequel to the first adventure game in the Epic Battle Fantasy series created by Matt Roszak. You have two characters in Epic Battle Fantasy and both of them are incredibly powerful combatants.

First is Matt, a warrior armed with several swords each with their own upsides and downsides, as well as a slew of special attacks. You can afford to be aggressive because of Matt's high HP and attack power, meaning it's easy to go straight for a weapon like Soul Eater. Depending on the weapon you use, his Bushido attacks will have varying levels of power and Unleash will have a different power for each weapon.

Matt's specials are mostly buff-based, and he can also summon his feline ally NoLegs to bestow a random buff on the characters.

Natz is a black/white mage hybrid, using both protective magic and attack magic. The game provides descriptions of the abilities and they do exactly as they say on the tin, so you know what you're getting into. She can also cast summoning magic which is a mix of black and white in its potential.

Natz and Matt both have 9999 HP and 999 MP, but this can deplete very quickly as monsters can do a good few thousand points of damage. Thankfully, Natz' magic power can heal over 5000 HP to a single character right from the start, so keep your HP up with her and your defenses up with Matt.

Under the HP and MP meters, there is a red bar that fills up as the character takes damage, much like how Limit Breaks work in Final Fantasy. When it is full, the attack command flashes orange, simply click it to use it. Matt's special attack makes him slash a single enemy for a massive amount of damage. Natz' is much more useful, granting full buffs and a powerful heal to the party, while debuffing the enemies. In Epic Battle Fantasy 2, buffs and debuffs make a massive difference.

After clearing a wave of enemies, you'll get the chance to add a new skill and increase your stats from a pre-determined list. Every now and then you'll also get the chance to play as NoLegs the cat in a minigame that involves killing undead skeletal cats. The battle's involving NoLegs is different from the rest of Epic Battle Fantasy 2, following a ruleset of a sidescroller. In this minigame, you simply have to destroy as many cats as possible within the time limit or without dying. Using the money you accumulate, you can buy items for use in battle.


Hang onto Matt's special attack for when you really need to destroy something, but be more liberal with Natz'. Buffs carry over to the next battle, meaning there's no point to hanging onto it unless you're at full health.

You can afford to be reckless, but don't be too reckless. A bit of bad luck can result in a group of enemies doing 6000-7000 damage altogether, better to play safe.

Get Counter for Matt as soon as you can. It sharply increases his effectiveness in battle, especially if he's wielding the Black Fang or Blood Blade.

Pay attention to Matt during battles, as he gives commentary on the enemies from time to time, pointing out the finer points of their abilities.

Poison is stackable, liberal use of Unleash with the Black Fang can bring down the strongest enemies very quickly, even if Matt gets occupied with other things. Unlike most adventure games and RPGs in general, bosses are vulnerable to status ailments in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and this can be exploited to an extreme level in a prolonged battle.