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Elephant Quest Instructions

Elephant Quest is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. Use the mouse to aim and to shoot.

Elephant Quest Walkthrough

Elephant Quest is a hybrid shooting game, platform game, and role-playing game. This adventure game is loosely based on the Achievement Unlocked series (featuring a blue elephant), but features more detailed graphics and a totally different style of gameplay.

Elephant Quest puts you in control of a blue elephant aptly named Elephant. Your objective is to get your bowler hat back from the bully Mammoth, Wooly. Along the way, you will have to defeat enemies, avoid perilous traps, and complete quests to become stronger. Your progress and skills are saved in this adventure game, so you will not have to start from scratch the next time that you play.

If you die in Elephant Quest, it's OK. You will not be penalized, nor will you lose the game. You will simply be respawned in the same room that you died in with all of the enemies respawned as well. Enemies and spikes can hurt you in this adventure game. You do not take damage from falling onto platforms, but you will take damage from falling to the bottom of the screen if there is no platform to stand on.

Defeating enemies in Elephant Quest provides experience points. If you manage to clear all enemies on a level, you will gain an experience bonus. When enough experience is gained, you will level up and be able to spend credits to upgrade Elephant. To access the upgrade screen of this adventure game, click the button in the upper-right corner of the screen or press the spacebar. Spend credits to buy ability points in different categories. Ability points can then be spent to improve Elephant's abilities to shoot, gain more experience, move faster, and more. I advise you to buy credits for the intelligence skill so that you can gain more credits per level-up. It is also a good idea to improve your weapons, so use credits on dexterity to increase your weapon's damage and intelligence to improve your aiming ability.

Another great way to earn experience points in Elephant Quest is to complete side quests. Quests can be started by talking to some of the numerous NPCs in this adventure game. Use the map in the upper-left corner to help you navigate through the rooms and complete your quest objectives. Some quests will even reward you with extra firepower, so it behooves you to complete them if you can!

Elephant Quest is a well-made adventure game that is challenging, but not too difficult so it will also appeal to casual gamers. Elephant Quest is a big world, but just like an elephant, this game never forgets (unless you clear your cache), so you can continue your quest at a later time!