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Elements of Arkandia Instructions

Elements of Arkandia is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to interact with the game's interface. In the match-three element of the game, click on one tile, then click on a horizontally or vertically adjacent tile to swap them.

Elements of Arkandia Walkthrough

Elements of Arkandia is a hybrid of puzzle game, role-playing game and adventure game. This game features well-created graphics, great audio, and a unique battle system.

Elements of Arkandia places you in the role of a young magician and shopkeeper. At the beginning of this adventure game you must choose a save slot for your game. You will then be able to customize and name your character, as well as name you shop. When you are satisfied with your selection, you may choose normal mode, which starts you off in debt to your father, or debt-free mode, where you have no debts to pay off. Debt-free mode is excellent for beginners, since you will be able to use money that you earn right away to purchase additional spells, armor, and other items.

There are two main areas in Elements of Arkandia: the home screen, and the adventure screen. The home screen is a menu that leads to other places, such as your spellbook, where you may equip spells or read about their effects, the armory, where you may change your character's equipped items, the shop where you may upgrade your character or buy items, and your own shop, where you may sell loot that you gain on adventures for profit. You may also pay off portions of your loan or view your achievements from this menu. When you are ready to wage battle, click on the button labeled "Adventure".

Elements of Arkandia features twenty-four different adventures. After you have completed one adventure, you will unlock the next adventure in sequence. Adventures increase in difficulty as you progress through the game, so be sure to keep your character upgraded! Once you have chosen your adventure you will be ready to do battle!

Battling in Elements of Arkandia is controlled by simply selecting attacks and clicking the appropriate button with your mouse. Each attack has an element cost, however, so you must use the match-three element of the game in order to stock up on elements. Each turn, you may attack, or match elements to replenish yourself. After every two of your turns, your enemy will attack you. I suggest using the first few rounds of combat to stock up on elements, then attacking once you have a stable supply of mana and rage. The first enemy of any battle tends to be the weakest in this adventure game, so you can afford to take a few hits while you prepare for battle. If you need more tips, be sure to pay close attention to the in-game tutorial!

Elements of Arkandia is a wonderful and unique adventure game that has something to offer for everyone. If you enjoy role-playing games, you will love the storyline and atmosphere of the game, if you enjoy puzzle games, the unique battling system will catch your attention, and if you like casual games, the soothing music and laid back pace of this adventure game will put you at ease!