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E7 Instructions

E7 is controlled by using the keyboard. The left and right arrow keys move you left and right (alternatively, you may use the A and D keys). Hold the down arrow key and release it to jump (alternatively, you may use the S key). The P key may be used to pause the game.

E7 Walkthrough

E7 is an artistic adventure game. This game is a hybrid of physics game and adventure game that features minimalist vector graphics, ambient music, and a storyline that moves along as you play.

E7 places you on a planet hostile to Earth. It is your mission to find a gigantic bomb that is aimed directly at Earth and disarm it to save our planet. Along the way, you will have to deal with various traps as well as alien enemies that are out to stop your quest.

E7 features a unique control system. Horizontal movement is standard in this adventure game, but what makes E7 unique is its jumping mechanic. Instead of making self-controlled leaps, jumping in E7 is done by using the ground's elasticity. You must push down on the ground, and release in order to be launched into the air. The longer you hold the down button, the greater force will build up due to elasticity, thus, the higher you will be launched into the sky.

In order to deal with enemies in this thrilling adventure game, you must launch yourself at them, using yourself as a projectile to deal damage to them. Some enemies may take a few hits to go down, so be sure to stick and move to avoid being destroyed by them. When dealing with enemies, it is important to make controlled jumps. You may not want to hold the down button for a very long time, and you will also want to properly aim yourself before jumping, since you have more horizontal control of your character while you are on solid ground than you do while in flight.

If you are interested in the story of E7, be sure to pay attention to the text in the upper-left corner of the game's screen. This text may also give you some helpful pointers to get through this adventure game as well!

E7 is a wonderful adventure game that offers something for everyone. Puzzle game fans will enjoy its physics game elements and mind-teasing challenges, casual game fans will enjoy it's easy controls and laid-back atmosphere, and adventure game fans will enjoy E7 for its action and engaging storyline!