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DumDum (And The Iron Golem) Instructions

The controls of DumDum And The Iron Golem is pretty simple - use your mouse for almost everything. YES, this is a point and click adventure game - switch the lights off or on, pick up and throw weapons, make a mass of boulder role towards your enemies, and everything else in between. As far as controls go, there is NOTHING hard about this game. HOWEVER, when it comes to the actual game itself, this game is miles away from being easy and straightforward as you will soon realize.

DumDum (And The Iron Golem) Walkthrough

Now, before anything else let me remind you - this online flash adventure game has a lot of adult themes. And the violence - saying that this game has a lot of violent themes is an understatement. This game is bloody...very bloody!

So what's the objective of the game?

The King needs your help and you will be playing as Dum Dum. You need to save the Kingdom from the Iron Golem. And once you have saved the Kingdom from the grip and tyranny of the Iron Golem, you will marry the Princess as a reward.

(NOTE: that's not written in the game. Just deciphered the pictures shown - I guess you can't be dumb enough not to understand it. :D)

As mentioned earlier, you need to use your mouse to interact in the game - click objects and locations in the game to trigger actions. Now you need to be watchful of your mouse's cursor and how it changes - (1) if it's a red circle, that means you can only collect mushrooms at the moment and you need to wait for your turn (2) if it's an arrow cursor, that means you can click anywhere on the screen (3) and last BUT not the least, if your cursor turns to a pointing right hand it means that object or location your mouse is over is clickable.

By the way, the missions in DumDum And The Iron Golem are time critical. To extend your time and increase your score, collect the mushrooms in the area. The creators DumDum And The Iron Golem are the guys from Pencil Kids - the same guys who brought you Bowja The Ninja. With that in mind, the gameplay is very similar to the latter - requires a lot of thinking more than anything else.

If you are looking for a game where strategic decision making matters more than spamming the left click button and super fast reflexes, then DumDum and The Iron Golem is yours for the taking!