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Rating: 4.36/5 stars (104 ratings)

Droppy Instructions

Use the mouse to click on items and solve the puzzles.

Droppy Walkthrough

Droppy is an excellent online adventure game that mixes in elements of puzzle and logic games to create a fun and engrossing game experience. The graphics are adorable and the ability to choose the graphics quality makes it possible for even slower computers to run the game smoothly. The game isn't so difficult newcomers to logic based adventure games will find it too hard or overwhelming but isn't so easy more experienced players will find it boring. It really offers something for everyone which is perhaps the game's biggest benefit. Solving the puzzles presented to you in this game really require logic, careful thinking and little else. You don't need to know a lot about how adventure games work. You don't need to figure out complicated controls. You just need to look at the problem and determine the solution. Sometimes that's easier than others, but each puzzle is solvable if you're willing to take a little time to figure it out.

The goal of Droppy is to get through the levels to be reunited with your girlfriend. Take a few minutes to watch the intro. It gives the game a whole new level of interest. The story is interesting which only makes the game more fun. At the same time, the story isn't so complicated that it takes the focus off of the game and you don't learn between each and every level which can make a game tedious for repeated plays. This is an adventure game you are going to want to play again and again. You want to finish the game using as few clicks as possible and will challenge yourself to beat you score the next time around. The second time you play, though, you have the option to skip the intro so you don't have to sit through the whole thing again.

Each level in Droppy presents you with a new puzzle to solve; each requiring you to look at the items you are given on the screen and determine what items you can click on and in what order. The real appeal of this adventure game is that each level holds a new challenge. Many adventure games will require you to use the same methods to get through each level; use the arrow keys to navigate through the levels and avoid bad guys and things of that nature. While the controls are always the same in this game - point and click - the way you use them to interact with objects will always be different. The best way to complete a level with less clicks is to pay attention to your cursor. When your cursor is an arrow there is no object on that area of the screen for you to interact with. When your cursor is a hand, you can click on an object to interact with it. Click on an object to see what it does. Many of the challenges will require you to use the items in a certain order, but this is really a matter of logic. Look at the items and how they act when clicked on and figure out the most likely way they will need to be used. It's a very basic game in that respect but that's what makes it so different from most of the other adventure games online. It is difficult without being complicated.

Overall, Droppy is one of the best adventure games online with interesting graphics and backgrounds, challenging levels and basic controls that make it perfect for any player. Newcomers will feel challenged without feeling like they're in over their heads while experienced players will love being offered something a little different. This isn't your typical adventure game. In combines logic games, puzzle games and adventure games to make one excellent experience everyone needs to partake in at least once.