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Rating: 3.93/5 stars (28 ratings)

Don't Look Back Instructions

Don't Look Back is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys move your character. The spacebar (or X key) is used to shoot once you have acquired the gun.

Don't Look Back Walkthrough

Don't Look Back is an adventure game with a retro feel. Don't Look Back features simple controls, straightforward gameplay, and graphics and audio reminiscent of the Atari 2600 or Commodore 64.

The objective of Don't Look Back is to complete the game by passing through each screen. Not much is given in the way of story until the end of the game, and even then, the story is confounding. The lack of a coherent storyline is made up by the solid gameplay, however. This adventure game does not have a saving system, so you will have to complete it in one sitting. It is possible to complete the game in less than ten minutes, but it will probably take most players about a half hour to complete. If you die by running into an enemy or hazard, you will simply have to restart the section that you died in. You have an unlimited number of lives.

Don't Look Back uses the keyboard as its input device. Move your character by using the arrow keys. Once you have picked up the gun, shoot by using the spacebar. You have an unlimited supply of bullets in this adventure game, so shoot away! The gun can take down most enemies in one shot, but some enemies, including bosses, will take multiple shots to defeat.

Don't Look Back is a straightforward adventure game, but some parts may be frustrating. When dealing with dark sections of the game, it may be useful to note the movement of enemies to indicate the locations of platforms. Trial-and-error also works well here.

The most difficult sections of this adventure game are the boss battles. The first boss must be shot from behind three times to damage it. For the first two shots, let the boss jump over you then shoot it from behind. For the final shot, you will have to jump over the boss then quickly turn around to shoot it in the back. The second boss must be shot in the head. Try to gt one shot in while falling to make the battle easier. This boss will release minions, making the battle harder. The more damage that you do, the more minions it will release. Once the boss has been shot in the head five times, it will be defeated and you will be able to progress.

Don't Look Back may lack a solid storyline and can be frustrating at times, but it is a fun retro-style adventure game. If you have the time to beat this platform game in one sitting, you will find it to be a rewarding gameplay experience.