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Discount Mayonnaise Instructions

Discount Mayonnaise is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to shoot. You may also use customized controls set in the controls menu. The escape key pauses the game.

Discount Mayonnaise Walkthrough

Discount Mayonnaise is a run-and-run platform game that may remind players of classic platformers. This shooting game features well-designed graphics, a pumped-up soundtrack, and an impressive arsenal with which to obliterate your enemies.

Discount Mayonnaise is a standard run-and-gun side-scroller, with an emphasis on the run. If you take too long or backtrack too far, a giant worm creature of some sort will devour you. In this platform game, you will have to follow the motto of First Battalion Thirty-Fourth Regiment of the United States Army: "Always Forward"! Well, you can take a break from the action if you need to since your progress is saved between levels.

Discount Mayonnaise uses a keyboard-only control scheme, making the game reminiscent of old-school platform shooters Mega Man. The arrow keys are used to move your character while the spacebar is used to shoot. You also have the option of creating a custom set of controls by using the controls menu. This keyboard-only control scheme means that you can only shoot in the direction that you are facing, unlike most Flash shooting games that allow you to shoot in multiple directions with a keyboard and mouse setup. This adds more challenge to defeating enemies, but it certainly does not make the game impossible; arguably it makes the game easier since you can focus on running ahead with guns blazing rather than aiming shots.

Not everything in Discount Mayonnaise is styled after vintage platform games, however. Coins do not provide extra lives when collected; instead, they provide money that can be used between levels to buy weapons,, armor, and other items. If you see something in a shop that you like, be sure to pick it up if you can afford it because the shop that appears before the next level might not carry the same items!

If you are a fan of platform games with nonstop action, then Discount Mayonnaise is just the game for you. The only problem is that the name of the game doesn't seem to have anything to do with its content...