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Demonia City Instructions

Use the mouse and the left mouse button to collect and use items throughout the game.

Demonia City Walkthrough

Your mission in Demonia City sounds pretty basic - infiltrate gate 45 (Greenums depot) and take out the nuclear reactor - but actually accomplishing your mission in this challenging and intense adventure game isn't nearly as easy as it sounds. This is one of the most frustrating adventure games online. You have to do everything in the right order and collect all of the items in the right order or you won't be able to complete your mission. You will need to combine items and use items you find to progress in the levels. Some items can only be collected after you've completed other parts of the mission or after you've collected other objects. This is definitely a game of patience, logic and careful thinking, but many people won't be able to get through it without a little help. I'm going to tell you how to get through the game is this guide, but give it a try for yourself. Refer back to this when you get stuck. The game is much more rewarding when you can say you beat it without any help, but if you find yourself struggling so much you want to give up, I can help.

The first thing you need to do in Demonia City is get used to the controls and the way the game is played. While many action adventure games use an arrow based control scheme, this game is played entirely with the mouse. When you find items that you can interact with, you simply click on them with the mouse. You can interact with an object if your cursor turns yellow. You will also be told what the item is. If it is an object you can collect, it will appear in the storage section at the bottom of the screen. On the left of the storage screen you'll see two icons; a hand icon and a plus sign icon. You'll use the hand icon for most of the game, but you will use the plus sign icon when you need to combine two items in your storage. To combine items, click on the plus sign icon, click on the first item in your storage and then click on the second item in your storage. If the items can be combined they will then appear as one item. If the items cannot be combined, you will get a message telling you so. You can also use items in your storage to interact with objects on the screen. To do that, you'll click on the hand icon, then the item you want to use and finally the item on the screen you want to use your storage item with. That's it. Those are the controls of the game. Now let's talk about what you need to do to get through it.

On the first screen of Demonia City you will see several items you can interact with. Starting on the far left of the screen you have; a pipe, a vent, a smaller bent pipe (at the vey top of the game screen to the right of the vent), a door, a second larger door, the guard and a link to go to street 2. For now, we're going to stay on street one and talk about these items. When you click on either of the pipes, you will get a message saying "I cannot do that". Later on, you'll be using both of the pipes. Let's refer to the one on the far left of the screen as the big pipe and the one at the top of the screen as the bent pipe to make things a little clearer. We're going to need to use both the big pipe and the bent pipe later in the game but at different times, with different tools and for different purposes. For now, let's move on to the vent.

When you click on the vent you get a message that tells you that you need to cover the vent with something. You have nothing in storage so obviously, you need to find the item you'll use to cover the vent. Next we'll click on the door. We're told the door is closed. Here's your first hint - covering the vent will open that door. You can't beat on it to open it and clicking on it repeatedly will get you nowhere. Focus on covering the vent and you'll get the door open. Clicking on the larger door will result in the same message that you'll get if you click on the guard basically saying you're not allowed to enter. We'll fix that guy later. Let's visit street two and work on getting that vent covered.

Street 2 in Demonia City is where you get most of the tools you will need to cover the vent and open the door. To go to street two all you need to do is click on the right side of your screen. Here we have new interactive objects and we're going to make use of most of them. Starting from the left we have; door 21, scaffolding (at the top of the screen), a garbage can, the other end of the drainage pipe we saw on Street 1, a poster and several boxes. Clicking on the door will tell you it's locked. Skip the scaffolding and the garbage can for now and collect the poster. The poster will now be in your storage - pretty handy for covering the vent, but you'll need some more tools first. Click on the garbage can now. You'll get a message that tells you, very helpfully, that it's full of garbage. Move your mouse up the garbage can until the item name changes from trashcan to lid. Click on the lid. It is now in your storage. Click on the boxes now. You get a message that says the boxes are nailed. Since they're nailed, you'll need a hammer. What better place for a hammer than scaffolding. Click on the scaffolding. You need to click on the left end of the scaffolding. If you aren't sure where I mean, just hover your mouse over the whole thing. The area you need to click is the only area that will turn yellow. Pretty easy. You'll do a neat little flip on the edge of the scaffolding and kick down the hammer. Collect your hammer and use it to hit the boxes. The only box you need to hit is the middle one on the front of the pile. A flap will open. Switch to your hand tool and click on the piece of wood that popped up off of the box to collect it. Click on the box and collect the bag of flour inside the box. You the bag of flour in the box. Combine the flour and the lid. You will now see they are one item in your inventory - flour in lid. Now we need to get some water to add to the mix. Time to head back to Street 1.

Back on Street 1, select the piece of wood for your inventory and use it on the bent pipe which will straighten the pipe. Go back to Street 2 right away and select flour in lid from your inventory. It's important to move quickly after you straighten the bent pipe. If you take too long getting to the other end of the drainage pipe on Street 2, you will have to go back to Street 1 and straighten the pipe again. Use the flour in lid on the drainage pipe. The item changes to flour with water. That makes us a nice goo we can use with the poster. Combine the flour with water with the piece of wood to make paste then combine the paste with the poster. You now have your piece of wood back - you'll be using it again - but the poster is now shown as paste in poster. Go back to Street 1, select paste in poster from your inventory and use it on the vent. The vent is now covered and the door is now open. Success! Here's where things start getting really tricky though.

As I mentioned, doing things in the correct order in Demonia City is important and it is never more true than when you walk through that now opened door. At the top right of the screen you will see a security camera. Use the piece of wood to break the camera. This will add a lens to your inventory. Click on the hand icon and move on to the rest of the objects in the room. From the left, we have; Demonia VS. Doctor Ku comics, a battery (on the floor below the comics), a motor (on the wooden crate beside the battery), instructions for making a lethal weapon sign (on the wall above the motor), a door and a spanner. You will only be able to collect some of these objects this time around. First, you need to break the camera, then you need to read the instructions for making a lethal weapon. Make sure you aren't trying to read the instructions with the piece of wood still in your hand. After you've read the instructions you will be able to collect the battery and the spanner. That's all we're able to do in the room for now, so let's go back to Street 1 and then on to Street 2. It's time to talk to the mysterious stranger with a convenient offer.

Having already read the instructions for making a lethal weapon in the room where we got our battery and our lens, we know we only need one item to complete our weapon; a plexocondensator. Go to Street 2 and click on the mysterious azurian stranger. He offers to sell you a plexocondensator for only 3,000 NODAS. Wonderful! The only problem is, we don't have 3,000 NODAS. Let's go get them and make our purchase! Go back to Street 1. Oh, what's this? The guard has changed. He's now reading something. Clicking on the guard tells us he's reading a comic book. Convenient. Maybe the Demonia VS. Doctor Ku comics from the battery room will be of some use now. Go back to the room and collect the comic. Go back to Street 1, select the comics from your inventory and offer them to the guard. Bad news. He already has this one. By now, you might be feeling a little frustrated with this adventure game that seems to have brought you to a dead end. It isn't. Remember, there was another comic on the wall when we collected the first one. Click on the hand icon, go back to the battery room and check it out. So you have a pencil and not another comic book but it'll work. Our guard isn't very bright. Combine the pencil with the comic book and go back to Street 1. You now have a comic book in your inventory that shows a '2'. Click on it and offer it to the guard. He sure is excited and gives you 3,000 NODAS for it. Isn't that handy? Nice of him to contribute the NODAS we need to buy the part we need to make the lethal weapon we're going to use on him. Don't feel too guilty. He is protecting a nuclear reactor after all. Go back to Street 2, select the 3,000 NODAS and purchase the plexocondensator from the azurian stranger. Now we need a pipe to put everything together. It just so happens we still haven't found a use for the big pipe from Street 1. Let's go back there.

Once you're back on Street 1 in Demonia City, select the spanner you collected from the battery room and click on the big pipe. Don't worry. The guard's too distracted by his comic book to notice. Combine the battery with the big pipe to make battery in pipe. Combine battery in pipe with your new plexocondensator and combine all of that with the lens. You now have your lethal weapon. Select the lethal weapon from your inventory and use it on the guard. Uh oh! No batteries! Oh good. You have to love a Amarion demon that can think on the spot. Click on the hand tool then click on the bigger door. You're now face to face with the nuclear reactor and just about done the game. Way to go! This part, well, it's just a little bit tricky, but if you've made it this far, you can make it the rest of the way. Click on any one of the three capacitor slots on the left side of the screen. Any of them will do. You'll get a message that says you need something to protect your hands. Go back to Street 1. The guard seems to have dropped some gloves. You'll find them lying by his body. Click on them to put them on and head back into th reactor room. This is where the tricky parts comes in.

There is little more important in Demonia City than this last little bit. First and foremost, do not click on all three of the capacitor slots. That will remove all three of the capacitors and you don't want that. You will get caught. You need to figure out how to get all of the capacitors in the right order. On the blue console you will see three horizontal meters. These meters need to show both red and yellow. To do that, you need to click on a capacitor slot to remove the capacitor then click a second capacitor slot to remove a second capacitor. Don't remove the third one just yet. Try to put the capacitors back in the opposite slots you removed them from. For example; if you took the first two capacitors, try putting the first one in the second slot and the second one in the first slot. Watch the meters on the blue console. If either of them shows yellow and red, you've made a correct match. Now try switching the two remaining capicitors. You should be all ready to go. When all three bars show yellow and red, you've won the game!