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Rating: 4.48/5 stars (48 ratings)

Creative Kill Chamber Instructions

Creative Kill Chamber is controlled by using the mouse. Use your mouse to interact with the game's interface and objects in the game.

Creative Kill Chamber Walkthrough

Creative Kill Chamber is a stick figure game presented by StickPage. This adventure game features point-and-click controls, great animation, eight achievements, and intriguing gameplay!

The objective of Creative Kill Chamber is to escape the kill chamber alive. To do this, you must use your mouse to click on various items, background objects, enemies, and other entities to escape your captivity. You are given unlimited lives, but if you die in a section of this adventure game, you will have to start that section from its beginning.

Creative Kill Chamber requires you to be diligent and observant. Sometimes, there are multiples ways out of a situation, and other times the most obvious solution is not necessarily the best action to choose. Do not be ashamed to use trial-and-error to complete stages of this adventure game, since you are given unlimited lives to work with.

At times, you will have to make actions quickly in Creative Kill Chamber to avoid certain death. Most of these sequences will either be in slow motion or prompt you with arrow pointing to where you need to click. You must still be vigilant at all times to avoid death in this adventure game.

Creative Kill Chamber is a solid adventure game, but sadly, the developers left tab enabled on the various places that you may click. This is regrettable for me, but some players may find this to be a benefit. Some stages of this adventure game can be very tricky, so using the tab key to highlight the possible places that you may click can help you along. I advise you to only use this as a last resort, however, since it takes a lot of the fun out of beating the game using your own observation skills!

Creative Kill Chamber is a fun adventure game, although it is short in length. If you are a fan of point-and-click adventure games, then Creative Kill Chamber is a great game to pass a bit of time with.