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Covert Front 4 Instructions

Covert Front 4 is controlled by using the mouse. Click on items and objects in each scene to interact with them.

Covert Front 4 Walkthrough

Covert Front 4 (also known as Covert Front 4: The Spark of Life) is the fourth game in the Covert Front 4 series of adventure games. Covert Front 4 continues the storyline of its predecessors and features superb artwork, a gripping story, and simple point-and-click controls.

Covert Front 4 takes place after the events of Covert Front 3, with Kara hot on the trail of a German scientist whose findings could turn The Great War in favor of the Central Powers (as a side note, it is refreshing to have a storyline take place during the First World War rather than the Second). To accomplish this goal, you will have to navigate various scenes. The mouse is the only control device that you will need in this adventure game. When you can interact with an item, your cursor will turn into a hand. Click on items to interact with them. Clicking the edges of screen may also be useful for changing your vantage point.

Covert Front 4 requires a keen eye for detail and a bit of intuition. Even if you have not developed either, you can still enjoy this adventure game, but it will probably take you a longer time to do so. Fortunately, your progress is saved so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play. Unfortunately for gamers that don't mind cheating a bit, the tab key cannot be used to highlight items that you can interact with, so you will have to move your mouse around the screen and use trial-and-error to find objects if you cannot quickly spot them.

Covert Front 4 may be baffling at first, even for veterans of the point-and-click adventure game genre. To help you to get started, I will provide a short walkthrough for the beginning of the game. At the beginning of the game, you find yourself in the cockpit of an airplane. A red light starts blinking. Click on the switch below it a few times, and some items will fall. Click the bottom of the screen to look down, collect the light bulb and the fuses from the panel that fell (four items in all).

Now you will have to make some repairs to your aircraft. Click the red resistor to select it, then click on the empty socket beneath the other two red resistors (towards the left of the screen) to place it. Place the radio lamp in the empty socket underneath the other radio lamp at the top of the screen. Place the blue resistor between the two dangling wires on the right of the screen to connect them (this may take a few clicks to get right). Finally, place the fuse in the hole between the radio lamp and the wire that you connected. The red light should stop flashing. Click on the right side of the screen to return to the cockpit, and click on the switch below the three lights that were flashing. Congratulations, you're not going to be reduced to a red smear on the earth! The rest of your mission awaits, but that is for you to complete!

If you are a fan of point-and-click adventure games, then Covert Front 4 is one that you won't want to miss. I advise you to play the first three Covert Front games before playing Covert Front 4 if you do not want to spoil the story!