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Comic Book Cody Instructions

Comic Book Cody is controlled by using the keyboard. Move Cody by using the arrow keys. Press the spacebar to activate superpowers.

Comic Book Cody Walkthrough

Have you ever imagined becoming one of your favorite superheroes? In Comic Book Cody, you can be the entire Justice League (or at least knockoff versions of them)! This adventure game features colorful graphics, simple controls, and classical platformer-style gameplay that spans thirty-five levels.

The objective of Comic Book Cody is to get your beloved comic books back from burglars who have stolen your collection. You cannot fight the bad guys in your normal form, but by collecting all of the comics on a level you can become a superhero and teach those baddies that crime just doesn't pay! Once all of the burglars have been beaten, the exit will open, allowing you to advance to the next level. If you need to say “to be continued” and take a break, you can do so as your progress is saved automatically.

Your progress is timed in this platform game, but there is no time limit. Instead, you can earn a gold medal (gold comic, actually) by completing levels under a given time limit. This can be quite difficult, but you have unlimited attempts in this adventure game, and you can always come back and replay previously completed levels at a later time.

Comic Book Cody is a cool action game that players of all ages will enjoy. Live out your dreams or relive your childhood fantasies in this addictive platformer!