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Rating: 3.96/5 stars (113 ratings)

Coma Instructions

Coma is a bizarre and sometimes horrific adventure game - taking place in a subconscious world, you'll take control of Pete, a tiny man (or creature) that is trying to find out anything and everything. You'll start out in a house - and while you're walking around in it, take note of the hints the game gives you. They're written on the walls, and they all eventually mean something - so it's good to try and remember them as well as you can.

Coma Walkthrough

Use the arrow keys to control and direct Pete, all the while trying to escape the nightmare you're in. The up arrow key lets Pete jump; you'll have to jump carefully to get past certain obstacles. To talk with others, just stand next to them - they'll usually initiate a conversation if you need to speak with them.

At the start of the game, there's a piano to the immediate left of Pete - since you'll need to use it later in the game, it's important to remember where it is. Once you've travelled out of the starting house, you'll come across a bird; he'll tell you that your father is trying to kill your sister by starving her in a basement, and he'll join you, wanting to help.

Next, you'll run into your father, who doesn't seem to be that homicidal (at least, at first he doesn't), and he'll send you on your first task, which is easy enough: try and find the blockage that's stopping the flow of water to a house. No matter how bizarre Coma may seem, it's still an adventure game, and you'll still have tasks to complete. If you travel a few screens to the right, you'll end up seeing a pipe with a blockage - talk to the blob blocking it, then travel back to your father. He'll give you the fish hook he's using; return to the blob, pop him, and the flow of water will return to normal.

That may be the first quest you'll have to complete in the adventure game Coma, but it's definitely not the last. While it's not your standard adventure romp, it's different and dreary; but refreshing all the same. You won't want to stop playing Coma until you've finished it - and perhaps then you'll have a good understanding of what's actually going on.