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Rating: 4.43/5 stars (30 ratings)

City Jumper Instructions

The controls of this adventure game - City Jumper, is very simple and easy to pick up on: just hit the left directional key for a small jump. For bigger and longer leaps, hit the right directional key. And to start a new level, just press the up directional key. Nothing fancy or complicated as far as controls go.

City Jumper Walkthrough

City Jumper - the game's name says it all! It's one of those adventure games where you need to jump a lot. You will find yourself running through the city in an effort to make it to the other side in one piece. Big and small buildings, bridges, sky scrapers, bums, and everything else in between - you will encounter these obstacles along the way. Make the mistake of bumping into one and I can guarantee you an unpleasant and bloody death.

Sure, City Jumper looks primitive, BUT believe me, it's way harder than it looks. You have to time your jumps precisely - avoid obstacles on the ground and in the sky. You are given an extra life when you complete each run. Believe me, you need all the help you can get. That's especially true when you reach the game's HIGHER levels.

An item in the game which you definitely want to grab is the sea gull bonus. Why? Well, it gives you 5 BONUS lives. BUT let me warn you: they are challenging to get. And you can easily find yourself dying often in an effort to get those bonuses if you are NOT careful.

Being one of the more primitive looking and harder adventure games out there, this game has received some negative reviews. BUT after playing it for quite some time, I can tell you, such reviews are unfounded. It's hard and exciting enough to keep you playing level after level. That's what you are looking for in adventure games, right?

Background story? Nah! It's one of those adventure games that don't have one. That could be another reason why many gamers find it unappealing. Also, as I have mentioned earlier, the graphics is very basic...even for a stick figure game. BUT what it lacks for aesthetic appeal, City Jumper's game play MORE than makes up for it.

As far as adventure games and stick figure games go, City Jumper has one of the most unique and simple game plays out there - no need to move left or right, no need to attack enemies. All you have to do is jump over buildings and avoid obstacles. Small jumps or long leaps - it's all up to you and you better time it perfectly.

Bums - as far as I'm concerned, they are the most challenging of the obstacles. You need to try avoid them while still making your jumps over buildings and other hurdles. The key to getting past these unforgiving bums is to figure out what jumps you need to make - does it require a big one? Or would you have better chances of survival making a short and small one?

Many times, you will encounter situations where you need to make a series of little jumps...and they must be done in quick succession. This makes the most challenging part of the game. Fast fingers, precise timing, and an appetite for fun - this should help you survive. It won't be easy as I have said BUT with patient, you will get hang of it.