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Play Arcuz

#1: Arcuz


Arcuz is an adventure game in the truest sense. While many of the current online adventure games focus on riddles, puzzles and cute graphics, this game has all the elements true adventure game fans want in a game; a solid,...

Number of plays: 131,783

Play My Island [RPG]

#2: My Island [RPG]


My Island [RPG] is an adventure game where you won't have to battle monsters or complete quests - you just have to get rich. And there are plenty of ways to do that in My Island [RPG]; you can fight...

Number of plays: 81,653

Play Brawler Whirled

#3: Brawler Whirled


Brawler Whirled - this game has a Ragnarok feel to it. If you are a huge fan of the said Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, then you will definitely feel at home in Brawler Whirled. In this side scrolling brawl...

Number of plays: 47,945

Play Sprouts Adventure: Teaser

#4: Sprouts Adventure: Teaser


In this game, there are only a couple of Sprouts remaining. And they are in need of your help. So what should you do? You need to use your powers to guide them...aid them in restoring their once peaceful and...

Number of plays: 42,524

Play Castaway

#5: Castaway


Castaway is an adventure game set on a strange island. The protagonist wakes up on a beach and has to find out where he is and what has to be done. Castaway is an action RPG utilizing both mouse and...

Number of plays: 26,935

Play The Last Stand: Union City

#6: The Last Stand: Union City


The Last Stand: Union City is the third installment of the Last Stand series of zombie games. This adventure game retains the high quality of its predecessors, and features thrilling gameplay, spectacular graphics, and amazing audio. When you begin The Last...

Number of plays: 26,424

Play Johnny Rocketfingers 2

#7: Johnny Rocketfingers 2


So you love stick figure adventure games? Yeah? Are you a huge fan of the original Johnny Rocketfingers game and are you looking for more action? If that's the case, then you are in for a treat - Johnny Rocketfingers...

Number of plays: 21,126

Play Epic Battle Fantasy 3

#8: Epic Battle Fantasy 3


Sequel to the previous entry in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. While the previous was exclusively battles, this one plays more like a traditional RPG. After the events of Epic Battle Fantasy 2 which involved bringing down a dictator and...

Number of plays: 19,941

Play Johnny Rocketfingers

#9: Johnny Rocketfingers


Johnny Rocketfingers - it's one of those adventures games that have nice elements of stick figures in them coupled with pure doses of fun and violence. Serving as the first of the 2 classic flash adventure games (yes, there's a...

Number of plays: 19,097

Play Wasted Youth: Part 1

#10: Wasted Youth: Part 1


Wasted Youth: Part 1 is an engrossing and entertaining adventure game that will grab your interest from the very start and hold it until the very end - should you make it that far. While it can be a bit...

Number of plays: 18,238

Play Sonny

#11: Sonny


Sonny is an engrossing and addictive turn based adventure game that challenges you to battle with a wide variety of characters as you try to stay alive. While many turn based adventure games give you back stories filled with all...

Number of plays: 15,528

Play Frontier

#12: Frontier


Frontier is everything an online adventure game is all about. Addictive, engrossing and always entertaining, this game far exceeds the expectations set by many of the other adventure games online. You are in control of everything and really decide what...

Number of plays: 13,193

Play Town of Fears

#13: Town of Fears


Town of Fears is a story-driven adventure game. This adventure game features impressive graphics, an immersive storyline, a diversity of characters, and Town of Fears places you in the role of Detective Marco, searching for answers to a chain of murders....

Number of plays: 13,109

Play Sonny 2

#14: Sonny 2


It was a long time in the making, but Sonny is back in Sonny 2; a turn based adventure game that proves sometimes a sequel can be just as good, if not better than the original. With two new boss...

Number of plays: 12,422

Play Elements of Arkandia

#15: Elements of Arkandia


Elements of Arkandia is a hybrid of puzzle game, role-playing game and adventure game. This game features well-created graphics, great audio, and a unique battle system. Elements of Arkandia places you in the role of a young magician and shopkeeper. At...

Number of plays: 12,010

Play Castaway 2

#16: Castaway 2


Castaway 2 isn't too different from the original Castaway in its basic premise. You wake up on an island with no memory, and have to adventure on the island to find out the secrets, get equipment, get stronger, and so...

Number of plays: 11,855

Play Monsters' Den: Book of Dread

#17: Monsters' Den: Book of Dread


An adventure game that can be considered a Roguelike, or dungeon crawlers like Wizardry in general. Monster's Den The Book of Dread is about creating a party of four adventurers and breaking through the dungeon's hoards for treasure and wealth....

Number of plays: 11,807

Play Epic Battle Fantasy 2

#18: Epic Battle Fantasy 2


Epic Battle Fantasy 2 is the sequel to the first adventure game in the Epic Battle Fantasy series created by Matt Roszak. You have two characters in Epic Battle Fantasy and both of them are incredibly powerful combatants. First is Matt,...

Number of plays: 11,368

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