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Play Pandas Bigger Adventure

#1: Pandas Bigger Adventure


If you loved part 1 of this game - Pandas Big Adventure, then you will definitely go nuts for Part 2. So what's the story in Panda's Bigger Adventure? As you can rememberin Part 1, Panda's life went wild and...

Number of plays: 99,705

Play Demonia City

#2: Demonia City


Your mission in Demonia City sounds pretty basic - infiltrate gate 45 (Greenums depot) and take out the nuclear reactor - but actually accomplishing your mission in this challenging and intense adventure game isn't nearly as easy as it sounds....

Number of plays: 84,063

Play DumDum (And The Iron Golem)

#3: DumDum (And The Iron Golem)


Now, before anything else let me remind you - this online flash adventure game has a lot of adult themes. And the violence - saying that this game has a lot of violent themes is an understatement. This game is...

Number of plays: 83,637

Play Bowja the Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound)

#4: Bowja the Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound)


If you are looking for an adventure game that has (1) above average visual and sound effects (2) nice background story (3) interesting game play that requires you to think rather than to slam on your keyboard or mouse, then...

Number of plays: 67,632

Play Bowja 3 - Ninja Kami

#5: Bowja 3 - Ninja Kami


You'll start out the game with some epic scenery - Bowja's flying an airplane that's trying to land on a flatbed truck. And, if that wasn't enough, there are a group of ninjas on motorcycles following close behind the truck. That's...

Number of plays: 67,329

Play Alex the Adventurer (and the lost marbles)

#6: Alex the Adventurer (and the lost marbles)


As far as most point and click adventure games go, predictability can always ruin the fun you're having. Obvious clues, hints, and traps that are completely avoidable usually take away from gameplay, rather than adding to it - but these...

Number of plays: 64,706

Play Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey

#7: Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey


In Fishdom H2O - Hidden Odyssey, your goal is simple. Help a young marine biologist named Jennifer win the Best Aquarium Award and win yourself a shiny new trophy. In order to win that trophy you must buy fish for...

Number of plays: 63,861

Play Heart of Tota

#8: Heart of Tota


Loosely based on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (or any Indiana Jones movie at all), Heart of Tota is a great adventure game for anyone who likes to think, solve puzzles, and figure out a jungle mystery. ...

Number of plays: 59,599

Play Bowja The Ninja (On Factory Island)

#9: Bowja The Ninja (On Factory Island)


So you are on the hunt for adventure games where thinking is hardly needed and spamming the left click button to shoot, throw shurikens, etc. matters most? If that's the case, Bowja The Nina (On Factory Island) might be a...

Number of plays: 54,311

Play Jack Van Cell - Stinger Sniper

#10: Jack Van Cell - Stinger Sniper


Jack Van Cell - Stinger Sniper, you may be wondering what's the story behind this game? The setting: you are in the Dark Times of the Pragora City...and it's year 2540 (wow). You will be playing as Jack Van Cell -...

Number of plays: 53,532

Play Gateway I

#11: Gateway I


In Gateway I, everything is entirely controlled with the mouse. For you to move around the area or room, click on the area of the ground where you want to go. By the way, the small footprints you see indicate...

Number of plays: 48,037

Play Escaping The Prison

#12: Escaping The Prison


Escaping the Prison is an interactive adventure game that is the sequel to Breaking The Bank and the prequel to Stealing The Diamond. Like the other adventure games in this series, Escaping The Prison features excellent stick figure animation, a...

Number of plays: 47,899

Play Hapland 2

#13: Hapland 2


If you loved Hapland, then you will go nuts with Hapland 2. YES, it's here. It's NOT a continuation of Hapland in a sense that you will take on new puzzles and challenges. BUT at the same time, it also...

Number of plays: 45,406

Play Gateway II

#14: Gateway II


Gateway II - this game has a very simple premise. You need to guide your character (who happens to be a faceless robot) through a series of rooms. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, it does until you realize that there...

Number of plays: 35,781

Play Stealing the Diamond

#15: Stealing the Diamond


Stealing the Diamond is a wacky adventure game featuring stick figure graphics. This heist game also features eleven achievements, three different endings, and a humorous story. The objective of Stealing the Diamond is to steal a very large, very precious diamond...

Number of plays: 25,950

Play Hapland

#16: Hapland


Stickman games and adventure games - both are fun, both are engaging. And you get the best of both worlds with this flash game that came from the bowels of the twisted mind of Robin Allen - Hapland. According to...

Number of plays: 25,549

Play Little Wheel

#17: Little Wheel


Little Wheel is one of the most adorably original adventure games online. There is nothing complicated or overdone about it. The graphics, sounds and challenges all add to the game without going over the top. It isn't a game that's...

Number of plays: 18,256

Play Aurora

#18: Aurora


Aurora is an escape game taking place in the Old West. Aurora features an eerie atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and exquisite artwork. The objective of Aurora is to escape a strange ghost town. In order to get out of Dodge in this...

Number of plays: 15,512

Play Riddle School

#19: Riddle School


Riddle School is an adventure game that puts you in the role of a student that must escape his school. This point-and-click adventure game features great music, entertaining gameplay, and an interesting storyline. The objective of Riddle School is to escape...

Number of plays: 15,076

Play Synapsis

#20: Synapsis


Synapsis is an artistic point-and-click adventure game. This adventure game features beautifully detailed three-dimensional graphics, simple controls, and a variety of abstract puzzles. The objective of Synapsis is to finish the game by completing the puzzles. This adventure game uses a...

Number of plays: 13,643

Play Icescape

#21: Icescape


Icescape is a point-and-click adventure game. This escape game features lovely graphics, catchy music, and challenging gameplay. Icescape takes place at a research station in the Arctic Circle. Something has hit your research base, and it is up to you to...

Number of plays: 13,581

Play Riddle School 2

#22: Riddle School 2


Riddle School 2 is the sequel to Riddle School and the second game in this series of adventure games. Riddle School 2 features superior graphics in comparison to its predecessor and more challenging puzzles, but still retains the charm of...

Number of plays: 13,524

Play Creative Kill Chamber

#23: Creative Kill Chamber


Creative Kill Chamber is a stick figure game presented by StickPage. This adventure game features point-and-click controls, great animation, eight achievements, and intriguing gameplay! The objective of Creative Kill Chamber is to escape the kill chamber alive. To do this, you...

Number of plays: 13,496

Play Town of Fears

#24: Town of Fears


Town of Fears is a story-driven adventure game. This adventure game features impressive graphics, an immersive storyline, a diversity of characters, and Town of Fears places you in the role of Detective Marco, searching for answers to a chain of murders....

Number of plays: 13,110

Play Hapland 3

#25: Hapland 3


Hapland 3 is the third game in the Hapland series of puzzle games. This point-and-click game features improved graphics and a brand new puzzle to solve. Similar to the first and second Hapland games, Hapland 3 places you right in the...

Number of plays: 13,095

Play Aurora 2

#26: Aurora 2


Aurora 2 is the sequel to the adventure game, Aurora. Like its predecessor, it is a very challenging and in-depth escape game. This adventure game features even more lovely artwork, a more mysterious atmosphere, and even more challenges to face...

Number of plays: 12,760

Play Morningstar

#27: Morningstar


Morningstar is a point-and-click adventure game. This science fiction game features amazing graphics, amazing cinematic cutscenes, remarkable audio, and captivating gameplay. Morningstar puts you in the suit of an astronaut whose ship has crash-landed on a hostile, desolate world. You will...

Number of plays: 12,253

Play Hetherdale

#28: Hetherdale


Hetherdale is a point-and-click adventure game from the makers of Morningstar. Like Morningstar, Hetherdale features simple controls, outstanding graphics, and captivating gameplay. After the game loads, you will be treated to a beautifully-rendered cutscene, explaining Hetherdale's backstory. You play the role...

Number of plays: 11,436

Play Sphere Core

#29: Sphere Core


Sphere Core is an escape game that requires lots of curiosity. This adventure game features delightful music, impressive graphics, and extremely challenging gameplay. To start Sphere Core, click on the logo in the center of the title screen. Perhaps this is...

Number of plays: 10,826

Play Space Oddity

#30: Space Oddity


Space Oddity is the name of a classic David Bowie song that was the first track on his album of the same name. Space Oddity is also the name of this point-and-click adventure game that unfortunately, has nothing to do...

Number of plays: 10,423

Play Synapsis 2

#31: Synapsis 2


Synapsis 2 is the sequel to the point-and-click adventure game, Synapsis. Synapsis 2 continues the surreal story of the first Synapsis and features the same basic controls and style of gameplay that made its predecessor a hit. The objective of Synapsis...

Number of plays: 10,075

Play Hewitt

#32: Hewitt


Hewitt is an adventure game where you control the eponymous character, a nerdy high school student trying to find a girl to go to the dance with. If Hewitt fails, then he will be doomed forever to live in the...

Number of plays: 9,483

Play Sneak Thief: Prime Catch

#33: Sneak Thief: Prime Catch


Sneak Thief: Prime Catch is the first of the Sneak Thief series of adventure games. This point-and-click game features well-drawn cartoon graphics, a fitting soundtrack, and brief gameplay. The objective of Sneak Thief: Prime Catch is to retrieve five inventions created...

Number of plays: 9,044

Play Mogo-Mogo

#34: Mogo-Mogo


Mogo-Mogo is a point-and-click adventure game and the prequel to the 2009 MTV Game of the Year winner, Little Wheel. Mogo-Mogo ties into the story of Little Wheel and retains the artistic atmosphere of its predecessor. It should be noted...

Number of plays: 7,719

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