Platform Games

If you enjoy playing platform games (like Mario Bros), you're at the right place.

In platform games, your goal is to explore new areas and to collect items through skillful running and well-timed jumping. Platformer games will challenge you to use your brain and reflexes to take your character to the next level or objective.

All of the platform adventure games here are completely free to play, enjoy!

Top Platform Games

Play Frizzle Fraz

#1: Frizzle Fraz


Although the hero of this adventure game is a round ball named Frizzle Fraz, it doesn't take anything away from the game. Combining standard platform gameplay with evil frizzles and death traps, you'll probably end up getting a gameover more...

Number of plays: 354,766

Play Papa Louie

#2: Papa Louie


Papa Louie combines elements of adventure games, platforming games, and if it could be compared to anything - it'd be closest to something like Super Mario World. In each level, you'll collect coins, destroy enemies (by jumping on them and...

Number of plays: 332,664

Play Swordless Ninja

#3: Swordless Ninja


Alright - so what's the story? In this game, you will be playing as Little Ninja Mabushi. You see, everything is fine and dandy. Mabushi is happily living with his girlfriend. And with his precious sword, nothing could stop the...

Number of plays: 159,084

Play Fancy Pants Adventure

#4: Fancy Pants Adventure


If you are looking for fast paced adventure games where pure doses of fun are injected in every level, then Fancy Pants Adventure is a game you should check out. The Fancy Pants Adventure is one of those online platform...

Number of plays: 140,938

Play Sinta: Escape From Ixerron Keep

#5: Sinta: Escape From Ixerron Keep


Sinta: Escape from Ixerron Keep is an adventure game that mainly keeps you guessing - there are levels packed full of enemies, and there are levels with only obstacles. You'll never know what's going to come next, so it's best...

Number of plays: 134,552

Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

#6: Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2


Here's the story in Fancy Pants Adventure World 2: Fancy Pants (which is the character you will be playing) plays a game of Fancy Pants Golf - a version of golf where you don't need clubs or drivers to play...

Number of plays: 80,068

Play Seasons

#7: Seasons


Depending on quality storytelling more than anything else, Seasons is an adventure game that will take some time to get through - in a good way. You'll start out the game simply enough: a girl asks her grandfather to tell...

Number of plays: 80,007

Play Pirate Golf Adventure

#8: Pirate Golf Adventure


Pirate Gold Adventure is an excellent online adventure game with fun graphics, a cute story and increasingly difficult puzzles for each level. More experienced adventure game players may find the levels a bit too easy but newcomers to this genre...

Number of plays: 70,127

Play Coma

#9: Coma


Use the arrow keys to control and direct Pete, all the while trying to escape the nightmare you're in. The up arrow key lets Pete jump; you'll have to jump carefully to get past certain obstacles. To talk with others,...

Number of plays: 45,958

Play Inspiration Dave

#10: Inspiration Dave


Inspiration Dave is a retro platform game developed by Seagaia and presented by AdventureGamesHQ. This game features 8-bit music, sprite graphics, and keyboard-only controls. Inspiration Dave follows the sage of Dave, a fan of a (fictional) 1990's band called Davement. He...

Number of plays: 34,977

Play The Company of Myself

#11: The Company of Myself


The Company of Myself is one of the most unique and entertaining puzzle adventure games online. With challenging levels and an interesting story, this is the type of puzzle adventure game you can play again and again without getting tired...

Number of plays: 29,447

Play Cactus McCoy 2

#12: Cactus McCoy 2


Cactus McCoy 2 is the sequel to Cactus McCoy. Like its predecessor, Cactus McCoy 2 is a delightful mixture of a platforming game, side-scrolling beat-em-up, and adventure game. Cactus McCoy 2 recaptures the charm that made the first game a...

Number of plays: 27,096

Play Cactus McCoy

#13: Cactus McCoy


Cactus McCoy is a western-themed adventure game. This adventure game features cartoon graphics, arcade-style gameplay, and a captivating storyline. When you begin Cactus McCoy, you must choose one of three save slots. After choosing your slot and entering your name, you...

Number of plays: 20,200

Play Aubital

#14: Aubital


Aubital is a challenging and intriguing logic based online adventure game that puts you in the role of the lonely robot who has been freed from his evil captors by a mysterious friend. The question in, can you actually trust...

Number of plays: 19,826

Play One and One Story

#15: One and One Story


One and One Story is a unique adventure game that also features puzzle game and platforming game elements. One and One Story features great audio, cool graphics, and a whimsical storyline. The objective of One and One Story is to unite...

Number of plays: 19,634

Play Mitta on Starryland

#16: Mitta on Starryland


In Mitta on Starryland, a delightful online adventure game, you are Mitta and your only goal is to rescue the sunstar. To rescue the sun star you will need to collect all of the stars in the level. It sounds...

Number of plays: 16,408

Play Canabalt

#17: Canabalt


Canabalt - this adventure game is created for Experimental Game Play Project's 2009 August Theme of Minimal. It's a brief game BUT one that is very addictive. How brief is it? Well, it all boils down to you and how...

Number of plays: 16,247

Play One Button Bob

#18: One Button Bob


One Button Bob is without a doubt one of the most unique and one of the most challenging adventure games online. At its core, the game really couldn't be more simple. While most of the other adventure games online rely...

Number of plays: 14,961

Play Gunbot

#19: Gunbot


Gunbot is an entertaining and addictive adventure game that starts off right away with a rather casually told little story that serves as the foundation for the game. While with many adventure games you don't really miss out on anything...

Number of plays: 13,273

Play Andrew the Droid

#20: Andrew the Droid


Andrew the Droid is a story-driven puzzle game. This adventure game features pixel graphics, twenty-five levels, and lots of dialogue. The objective of Andrew the Droid is to complete each of the twenty-five levels by teleporting out. To teleport, you must...

Number of plays: 12,848

Play Infestor

#21: Infestor


Infestor is a platforming game with elements of the puzzle game and adventure game genres. This adventure game features sprite graphics, 8-bit audio, and forty challenging levels. Infestor puts you in the role of a biological weapon known as "The Infestor"....

Number of plays: 12,222

Play Don't Look Back

#22: Don't Look Back


Don't Look Back is an adventure game with a retro feel. Don't Look Back features simple controls, straightforward gameplay, and graphics and audio reminiscent of the Atari 2600 or Commodore 64. The objective of Don't Look Back is to complete the...

Number of plays: 12,103

Play E7

#23: E7


E7 is an artistic adventure game. This game is a hybrid of physics game and adventure game that features minimalist vector graphics, ambient music, and a storyline that moves along as you play. E7 places you on a planet hostile to...

Number of plays: 11,758

Play Skinny

#24: Skinny


Skinny is one of the most unique and most entertaining adventure games online. With dark but interesting looking graphics and lots of missions to keep you entertained, there is very little about this game adventure game fans will be able...

Number of plays: 11,198

Play Focus

#25: Focus


Focus is a platform game with adventure game elements. Focus features sprite graphics, three difficulty levels, and a whopping fifty levels! The objective of Focus mode is to escape from each level. The initial levels start out easy, but later you...

Number of plays: 11,101

Play Cuboy Quest

#26: Cuboy Quest


Cuboy Quest is a platforming game that places you in the role of a blocky cowboy. This adventure game features sprite graphics, intuitive controls, and thirty levels. The objective of Cuboy Quest is to enter the doorway on each level. The...

Number of plays: 10,992

Play Best Friends Forever

#27: Best Friends Forever


Best Friends Forever is a puzzle game with platform game elements. This adventure game features colorful graphics, upbeat music, and simple premise. The objective of Best Friends Forever is to move all three construction workers to the doorway on each level....

Number of plays: 10,800

Play Elephant Quest

#28: Elephant Quest


Elephant Quest is a hybrid shooting game, platform game, and role-playing game. This adventure game is loosely based on the Achievement Unlocked series (featuring a blue elephant), but features more detailed graphics and a totally different style of gameplay. Elephant Quest...

Number of plays: 10,596

Play William and Sly

#29: William and Sly


William and Sly is a beautifully-made adventure game. This adventure game features lovely graphics, beautiful music, simple controls, and elements from platform games and role-playing games. The primary objective of William and Sly is to turn on the thirteen runestones scattered...

Number of plays: 9,504

Play William and Sly 2

#30: William and Sly 2


William and Sly 2 is the sequel to the amazing adventure game, William and Sly. William and Sly 2 once again puts you in the role of Sly the Fox and features graphics that are even more detailed, lovely ambient...

Number of plays: 8,867

Play Escape From Puppy Death Factory

#31: Escape From Puppy Death Factory


Escape From Puppy Death Factory is an adventure game developed by Adult Swim Games. This platforming game features retro-style sprite graphics, amazing audio, and multiple endings. When you first begin Escape From Puppy Death Factory, you can decide to play the...

Number of plays: 8,447

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