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Castaway 2 Instructions

WASD to move, spacebar to interact. The mouse also works as a control method for menus.

Castaway 2 Walkthrough

Castaway 2 isn't too different from the original Castaway in its basic premise. You wake up on an island with no memory, and have to adventure on the island to find out the secrets, get equipment, get stronger, and so on.

Castaway 2 is far more of an adventure game with over 100 areas and more flexibility in increasing the protagonists capabilities. The battle system this time works more like Legend of Zelda or Alundra where you have to manually strike the enemies. If you have played adventure games of this type you'll be right at home.

When you have killed enough enemies, the hero will gain a level and can distribute his stat points and skillpoints how he pleases to suit the individual player's gaming style.

A new feature in Castaway 2 is crafting, which is always awesome to have in adventure games in general. By choosing two items, you can create brand new items on the fly, including weapons, armor, and potions. Recipes that are successful are stores in the recipe book.

As in the previous, you can find eggs in Castaway 2 and put them into the stable in order to have a pet back you up in a fight, and they are significantly improved. You can have your pet attack everything in sight of its own will if you wish, and this frees your hands to kill other monsters as you need.

Castaway 2 has a day and night cycle, which affects various aspects of the game, make sure to keep an eye on the clock if there are events that only happen at specific times of day.

There are also quests that involve item collection and monster hunting. Take advantage of these for free EXP and items whenever you can.


Ranged attacks are king in this game. Learn some magic as soon as possible and keep a ranged weapon handy at all times. This will make even the toughest foes soften up before they can reach you.

The game is based more on skill than on stats. If you're confident in your skills, putting everything into offense is more than recommended. It will also let you carry more items just in case you're not as skilled as you thought you were.