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Rating: 4.37/5 stars (51 ratings)

Canabalt Instructions

If you are looking for adventure games where the game handles almost everything for you as far as controls go, Canabalt is the game name you are looking for. It handles everything except jumping. All you need to do is tap the X or the C button at the right moment for our hero to jump over the obstacles.

Canabalt Walkthrough

Canabalt - this adventure game is created for Experimental Game Play Project's 2009 August Theme of Minimal. It's a brief game BUT one that is very addictive. How brief is it? Well, it all boils down to you and how far you can go. In this adventure game, you play a frantic man that is fleeing the destruction of his city that is caused by the giant robots.

Control our hero as he surpasses hurdles, jumps over buildings, leaps over gaps, obstacles, and those are just to name a few...all in an effort to stay one step ahead of the havoc and chaos. And here's something to make things even MORE challenging for you: people leave office chairs in your path, some of them drop bombs, others destroy buildings beneath him, and those are just to name a few.

So what's your reward for all of this? HIGH SCORES of course!

What made this game stand out from other adventure games is that the game is randomized to some extent. Unlike other adventure games, there is no point in plotting your course. No, that won't cut it. You need to deal with things as they come and go, which makes the game MORE FUN! Timing plays a crucial part in Canabalt. If you jump too soon, you may end up plummeting off of a building. On the other hand, if you jump too late, you may end up missing that glass window you are trying to smash through and slam your body on the concrete wall instead. OUCH!

Doing this again and again - that's the point of the whole game...until you miss and you end up being destroyed too. There's no way you can beat least that's what I think. All you are aiming for in this game is a high score, which is represented by how far you run.

This may sound shallow, BUT get this Canabalt is very well presented that you will easily find yourself coming back to it. There's just too much going on around the game that you will want to stop and take a breath, BUT then, there's this rampaging robot thingy that you need to worry about. You have to keep going and don't be distracted by the wonderful and detailed environment around you.

Birds in this game take indignant flight as you pass while the massive robots duke it out in the background. It's all lovely. It's very awesome. If you are looking for adventure games that take a simple idea that is executed VERY well, then Canabalt is a prime example...a game that you should play! Now, it's NOT going to consume your day. HOWEVER, this makes an addictive addition to your coffee breaks.

Just keep in mind, real life is far from a flash game. So in case a robot rampage takes place...well, run as fast as you can and leap like you do in Canabalt! Or else, I'll beat you out of the exit. One of the most action packed adventure games around...I'm giving this game 2 thumbs up.