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Bowja The Ninja (On Factory Island) Instructions

When it comes to the controls department, this adventure game - Bowja The Ninja (On Factory Island), definitely falls on the easy to understand and straightforward category. Nothing fancy, nothing mind boggling - you will just use your mouse's left click button to interact around the screen. HOWEVER, if you think that this is one boring game (judging from the control's alone), then you are fortunately mistaken.

Bowja The Ninja (On Factory Island) Walkthrough

So you are on the hunt for adventure games where thinking is hardly needed and spamming the left click button to shoot, throw shurikens, etc. matters most? If that's the case, Bowja The Nina (On Factory Island) might be a disappointment. HOWEVER, if you are looking for adventure games where you need to think hard before you make a move, where you need to solve puzzles, find the right sequence of moves, etc., then this is a game that you need to check out.

Your mission in this version of Bowja The Ninja (YES, there is more than one) is to destroy the Gi8000. Use your mouse to click on different objects and locations on the screen. Click on the right spot and interact properly and you progress to the next level.

Needless to say, you will face a lot of obstacles - puzzles, ninjas who will stop you from doing your mission, machinery that doesn't seem to work right, etc. And to make the game even more challenging, there are levels in Bowja The Ninja (On Factory Island) that have time limits. Quick thinking, quick fingers, coupled with patience is required to reach the final level and destroy the menace - Gi8000.

Question: how are you going to penetrate the enemy's base guarded by nimble ninjas? Mind you, you only have a bow and arrow...and get this - the arrows can't even harm anyone! Killing the guarding ninjas are out of question. If you can solve this problem just by looking at the surroundings, then you will surely get far in this game.

One last reminder: always check the top of the screen. You should wait for the play signal before you can click something on the screen and execute your move. As I have mentioned, in this game, patience matters more than being lightning fast.

A game that demands problem solving and decision making skills coupled with the ability to see beyond what the eye can see - if that's your cup of tea, then you will surely enjoy Bowja The Ninja (On The Factory Island).