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Bowja the Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound) Instructions

If you hate control schemes that twist and turn your fingers upside down, then you will love the controls of Bowja The Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound) as they are easy and straightforward. Just make sure your mouse is working properly and you are all set to enjoy hours of ninja fun and action. Use the mouse's left button to click and interact around the screen.

Bowja the Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound) Walkthrough

If you are looking for an adventure game that has (1) above average visual and sound effects (2) nice background story (3) interesting game play that requires you to think rather than to slam on your keyboard or mouse, then Bowja The Ninja (Inside Bigman's Compound) is a game that you simply have to check out.

So how do you play the game? Pretty simple - use your mouse for interaction and clicking on objects as well as locations on the screen for you to make progress. When your cursor turns to a white arrow, that's the go signal that your ninja is all geared up to make a move.

On the other hand, if your cursor turns to a spinning red arrow, that means you have to wait. And last BUT not the least, if your cursor is hand icon, that means the object or location your cursor is pointing to is clickable.

So what's the story of Bowja The Ninja 2 (Inside Bigman's Compound)? Fresh from his quest in Part 1 - Inside Factory Island, Bowja now travels deep into Bigman's Compound (no bonus for guessing that one :D) to stop the evil plans that are about to be brought into reality.

You see, Bigman has stolen a very destructive missile and he is planning to use it to desecrate myriads of innocent people unless he stops it. You, as Bowja The Ninja, should stop it.

And to do so: here are your missions (1) You need to neutralize Bigman's henchmen (2) After that, grab control of the missile that Bigman has stolen (3) Next mission: Get inside the actual compound - this is where things get interesting (4) Go face to face and deal with the big boss - that's Bigman in case you are wondering. (5) Done? Switch off the central satellite dish (6) And last BUT not the least, get out of the compound!

How do you go about completing these missions? That's where the thrill lies and I have no plans of spoiling it for you. Problem solving skills coupled with a working mouse - those are the only things you need to get the job done.