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Bloons Instructions

The controls of this adventure game - Bloons, is fairly easy. Just make sure your mouse is working and you are good to go. Move your mouse to aim your throw. On the other hand, hit the left click button and hold it to adjust your throw...and that's it! Believe me, even a 5 year old can have fun with this game.

Bloons Walkthrough

The mechanics of the game? Well, they are just as simple and straightforward like the controls. The game's objective: pop as many balloons as possible. To get the job done, you are given darts for every level. Oh! One more thing that I should remind you - the darts you have are NOT carried over to the next level. No, they are not cumulative.

Look out for the special balloons...especially in the later levels. I'm pretty sure you will have fun discovering what these do and have for you. For those of you who want to go for something like a survival mode, go for the Unlimited Darts Mode - as the name suggests, you get unlimited amount of darts for this level.

And if you are someone who wants to spend hours on a game, if you love games that have a lot of levels, then Bloons is yours for the taking. Enjoy all of the 50 levels of Ninja Kiwi's Bloons Game.

Oh! And one more thing, if you are someone who loves to experiment on games, if you think you are imaginative enough to create your own levels of Bloons, then here's some juicy and good news for you: you can!

At the main menu, there is the option: Make Your Own Levels. You will be taken directly to the Ninja Kiwi's website where you can check out millions of Bloons levels that users and fans like you have created.

The only thing that I don't like about the game is that it lags a lot when I'm playing on a computer that is NOT as beefed up as the one I have at home. So if you are planning to play this on a computer shop or internet cafe, expect some lag and slowing down of the animation - including the popping of arrows, angling of your shots, and everything else in between.

In light of that, I just wish the game creators and authors created some option that would allow gamers on computers that are NOT so fast to play the game smoothly. Aside from that, everytyhing is fine with Bloons. Even though the graphics are pretty simplistic, I find it quite entertaining and addictive.