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Block Hopper Instructions

Block Hopper is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the arrow keys (or the WASD keys) to move. The down arrow key (or S key) is used to enter exits. Click the left mouse button or press the spacebar to enter block mode. When in block mode, the mouse is used to place blocks and the spacebar is used to return to normal mode.

Block Hopper Walkthrough

Block Hopper is a combination of puzzle game and platform game. This platformer features sprite graphics, chiptune music, and innovative gameplay.

The goal of Block Hopper is to reach the exit of each level. You will have to avoid traps and enemies on each level, but you are unarmed. Instead of using weapons to solve these problems, you will have to use you brain and blocks instead. Place blocks to traverse hostile terrain and wall off enemies! If you fail and end up falling into a trap or being dismembered by an enemy, don't fret; you are given unlimited lives to complete each level of this platform game. Your progress is also saved, so you can continue from where you left off the next time that you play.

Block Hopper uses a standard set of keyboard controls. The left and right arrow keys are used to move and the down arrow key is used to enter the exit portal. The up arrow key is used to jump. The longer you hold down the up arrow key, the higher your character will jump. Alternatively, you may use the WASD counterparts to the arrow keys to carry out these actions.

What makes Block Hopper unique is its build mode. You will not always be able to reach the platforms that you need to in order to get to the exit. Instead, you can build your own platforms in build mode. Press the spacebar to activate build mode. If you have blocks available, you may place them on the stage by clicking with your mouse. Once you are done, press the spacebar again to exit build mode. Your supply of blocks is limited in this puzzle game, and you are usually only given just enough to complete the level, so don't waste them!

Block Hopper is a platform game that is action-packed while still providing a good challenge for the brain. If the twenty-four levels that this platform game has to offer isn't enough, you can play user-created levels or even try your hand at level creation!