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Aurora 2 Instructions

Aurora 2 is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to click on objects, use objects in your inventory, and interact with the game's interface.

Aurora 2 Walkthrough

Aurora 2 is the sequel to the adventure game, Aurora. Like its predecessor, it is a very challenging and in-depth escape game. This adventure game features even more lovely artwork, a more mysterious atmosphere, and even more challenges to face and clues to unravel.

Aurora 2 continues from where the first Aurora left off. If you have not played the first iteration of this adventure game, I suggest you to do so before playing Aurora 2 if you want to have a total understanding of the story. Aurora 2 differs from the first Aurora because it features more linear gameplay. This makes things a bit simpler in this adventure game, but may be frustrating for players that prefer more freedom in escape games. If Aurora 2 is too daunting to play through at once, your progress is automatically saved so you can continue from where you left off by using the "Load Game" option on the main menu.

I will provide a walkthrough to help you get through the first chapter of Aurora 2, but after that, you're on your own in completing the remaining three chapters. I don't want to take away all of the fun of finding things out for yourself in this adventure game.

When Aurora 2 first starts, you will be facing the town with twenty dollars, Pinkerton's business card, and some matches in your possession. Go to the newspaper office by clicking forward twice. In order to get information, you will have to present the business card to the man by clicking it in your inventory, then clicking on the man. He will give you a slip of paper. Read it by clicking on it, then exit the office by clicking on the door.

The paper says "La Belle Boutique", so that's where you will want to go. To get there, click on the center building on the right side of the street, then click on the doorknob to enter. Talk to the woman to get more information, then click on the glass case to the left of the screen. Open the case by clicking on the lock, open the card case inside, and retrieve the paper inside. Once you have completed this task, you may exit the store.

Once you are outside of the boutique, click on the alley to the right of the screen to enter it. Move forward, and talk to the woman. Go back, and hover your mouse over the shadowy figure in the distance; someone is following you, but they can be ignored for now. Click on the posters on the right wall of the alley to zoom in on them, then click them again. After the short cutscene completes, click on the Aurora poster, and another short cutscene will play. Back out and exit the alley to complete the first chapter of this adventure game.

I hope that this walkthrough has helped you to complete the first chapter of Aurora 2. If you need help completing the rest of this adventure game, a complete walkthrough is available on the main menu, but I suggest figuring things out for yourself to get the full entertainment value of Aurora 2.