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Aurora Instructions

Aurora is controlled by using the mouse. Use the mouse to click on objects, use objects in your inventory, and interact with the game's interface.

Aurora Walkthrough

Aurora is an escape game taking place in the Old West. Aurora features an eerie atmosphere, challenging gameplay, and exquisite artwork.

The objective of Aurora is to escape a strange ghost town. In order to get out of Dodge in this adventure game, you are going to have to have a keen eye for detail and a curious mind. If you can use your mouse to interact with an object, your cursor will change to a finger (or your system default cursor for link select; Aurora does not utilize custom cursors).

Aurora can be sped through in about four minutes if you skip the cutscenes and know what you are doing. If this is your first time playing this adventure game, it might take you significantly longer, however. Luckily, Aurora will automatically save your game as you progress,and you can continue from where you left off by choosing the "Load Game" option on the main menu the next time you play.

In order to get you started on your quest in this escape game, I will provide a few initial hints. I won't give you the complete walkthrough here, since that would take away all of the challenge of this adventure game, but if you want to watch a video walkthrough, a link is included in the main menu).

When you first start Aurora, you are placed out side of a train station with only fifteen dollars in your inventory. Go into the train station by clicking the door, and pick up the ten dollars that is lying under the table to the left. After you have collected the money, click on the barred window. Collect the matchbox on the ground below the stove, then click on the window to talk to the ticket booth attendee. Ask to find out when the next train leaves and buy a ticket. It's a good think that you picked up that extra cash. Do you think that you're home free? No, not yet; Aurora still has much more to offer.

The train leaves at 1:45 PM, next month. Check the timetable as the attendant advises. When you lice the timetable, you'll realize that a poster has replaced it, advertising a show at 8:00 PM. See the clock in the upper-left corner? Click on it and set the time to eight o' clock; the clock will chime when you have set the correct time. Exit the station, and enter town by clicking on the background to the right of the train station.

When you have entered town, pick up the poster that is lying on the ground. Click on the building to the right, then click on the doorway to enter the saloon. Click on the piano and collect the playing card and money that are left lying on top of it. Set the time on the clock to eight o' clock (once again, the clock will chime when you have done it correctly). Click on the button to make the piano play. Step away from the piano and go back to the saloon by clicking on the lower portion of the screen.

Click on the bartender and talk to him. He promises to help you if you help him, and he will send you on a mission to retrieve money from a person that owes him. Exit the saloon, and click on the broken sign that says "Hotel". Enter the door to the left of the screen, and ring the bell. Nobody will answer. Exit the hotel, and enter the doorway beyond the hotel. In this room, you will find a girl crying. Mystery awaits, but I don't want to spoil anymore of the plot of this adventure game for you.

Hopefully this walkthrough will help you in the initial stages of this adventure game. Good luck, traveler, because you're going to need it in Aurora!