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Arzea Instructions

Arzea is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Move your character by using the arrow keys (or WASD keys) and the mouse to aim and to cast spells. Use the M key to open your map and the shift key to select spells. The escape key is used to open the menu and pause the game.

Arzea Walkthrough

Arzea is a platforming adventure game that puts players in the role of a young wizard. This adventure game features colorful sprite graphics, awesome background music, and intuitive controls.

In Arzea, you control a wizard that has been pulled into a strange world. Your mission is to master spells, vanquish enemies, and find your way home! This adventure game looks and plays like an old school platform game, but also has a few role-playing game elements and features that should please gamers of the modern age. Back in the old days, dying meant returning to the start; in this game, you have unlimited lives, which should keep kiddies and casual gamers happy. Your progress is also saved each time your character passes a save crystal, and if you die, you will be resurrected next to last last crystal that you passed. This also means that you can quit the game and come back later to continue from where you left off.

Arzea uses a combination of keyboard and mouse controls. Either the arrow keys or WASD keys may be used to move. Spells are cast similar to a run-and-gun shooting game; move the mouse to aim and click to cast. To switch spells, press the shift key to bring up a selection of available spells, then click the spell that you wish to use. Finally, you may use the M key to bring up your map. You do not start out with a full map in this adventure game, so you will have to travel around to fill it in. The map is useful for retracing your path, however.

At its core, Arzea is a platformer, but there are plenty of RPG elements featured in this adventure game as well. Casting spells does not kill enemies outright, but damages them based on your current level. As you defeat enemies, you will level up, increasing the damage dealt by your spells. The game cannot be breezed through by killing lots of enemies and leveling up at the beginning, however, since enemies become stronger and faster as you level up as well!

Arzea is fun for hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. If you enjoy games that combine elements from classic games with modern technology and design paradigms, then Arzea is the perfect adventure game for you!