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Arcuz Instructions

Move up using 'w' or the up arrow key. Move down using 's' or the down arrow key. Move left using 'a' or of the left arrow key. Move right using 'd' or the right arrow key. Attack using 'j' or 'a'. Jump using 'k' or 'space'. Use Skill One using 'i', 'z' or 's'. Use Skill Two using 'l', 'x' or 'd'. Switch skills using 'q', 'shift' or 'w'. Select item one by pressing '1' or 'delete'. Select item two by pressing '2' or 'end'. Select item three by pressing '3' or 'page down'. Check character using 'c' or 'z'. Check skill using 'v', 's' or 'x'. Access inventory using 'b', 'i' or 'c'. View quests using 'n', 'q' or 'v'. View map using 'm' or 'b'.

Arcuz Walkthrough

Arcuz is an adventure game in the truest sense. While many of the current online adventure games focus on riddles, puzzles and cute graphics, this game has all the elements true adventure game fans want in a game; a solid, engrossing story, difficult levels, interesting characters and interactivity with other characters throughout the village. As you progress in the game you learn more and more about the story which draws you into the game even more. The quests you have to undertake start off fairly simple so you can get the hang of the controls and navigating through the game but increase in difficulty as you progress so you find the challenge you are looking for. All around this is an excellent game destined to be a classic in this genre.

The feel of Arcuz is very similar to the feel of classic downloadable adventure games or adventure games you might buy for a more traditional game platform. The game is fairly graphics intensive and offers a high level of inteactivity but not so much the game will lag on slower computers. The real challenge of the game however, at least in the beginning, is getting used to the controls. Before you begin playing, so into the settings tab and choose the controls you will find most convenient to use. There are three control sets you can choose from; 'wasd' style navigation controls and two different arrow key based navigation controls. Choose the option you are most familiar with and refer back to the settings menu if you get stuck. Before you begin accepting quests familiarize yourself with moving around and speaking to people so you are prepared when you begin the game. No matter what control set you use, you need to take time to make sure you know what keys do what before you begin tackling quests or you'll make the game much more difficult than it needs to be.

The first few quests in Arcuz ease you into speaking with villagers to buy items you need such as weapons and healing potions as well as easing you into getting used to attacking and fighting. These quests are fairly easy but they get much more difficult rather quickly. To get your quest, you will need to speak with Wayne, the mayor of the village. He is the old man with the arrow above his head - pretty hard to miss him. When you complete a mission, you will return to Wayne to get your reward and begin your next quest. You can choose to not do missions, but they are really the best way to accumulate coins and get points. Equip yourself with weapons, fight slimes and earn Attribute and Skill points as you level up. You will get five attribute points and one skill point every time you level up which will help your performance in battle and help you get through the game a bit easier. These are definitely valuable things that you want to collect. You can spend your attribute points however you like. Allow them to accumulate until you need to use them. Use your points by clicking on the 'char' button at the buttom of the screen. You can also use the keyboard shortcut for 'character' from the control set you've chosen. When you click 'char' or use the keyboard shortcut to get to the character screen, you'll see your basic stats as well as a list of attributes. Above that list of attributes you will see how many points you have to spend. Select the attribute you want to strengthen and click the '+' next to that attribute. It's a good idea to spread your points out evenly to get a more effective and well rounded character. Click accept at the bottom left of the character window when you've used the points you want to use and then click the 'x' on the right side of the character window to return to the game. Don't forget to click accept or your changes won't be saved. Spend your skill points by clicking on the 'Skill' button at the bottom of your game screen or using the keyboard short cut for 'skill' from your control set. You'll be taken to a screen that shows you the skills you can strengthen and the points you have to spend. Hover your mouse over each option to see what each one offers then choose which one you want to strengthen. Click the triangle next to the option you want and then click accept.

The ingame tutorial in Arcuz is fairly good but it can be a bit difficult to understand if you aren't used to playing this type of adventure game. The hardest thing to understand is really how to use the Skill and Attribute points, but once you've gotten the hang of that, you should be able to follow the tutorial for the rest. The one thing that is important to remember throughout the tutorial and throughout the game is that, depending on which control set you've chosen, the onscreen instructions regarding which button you should use to accomplish a task will not always be accurate. If you get stuck click on the menu button and choose settings. This option is available at any point during the game and can help you figure out how to accomplish simple tasks throughout the game. For example, something as simple as talking to another villager might be difficult if you don't know what key you're supposed to press to make your character interact. Taking can use either the 'j' key or the 'a' key. If you can't get your character to interact by pressing 'j' as the instructions tell you to, try pressing 'a'. Some of the actions in the game require pressing a different key for each different skill set. You'll probably need to consult the menu if you're having trouble with one of those action.

Overall, Arcuz will take a little getting used to but once you've played for a while, you'll get the hang of it. This is one of the best adventure games online simply because it follows the guidelines of classic adventure games of old. The story is entertaining, the graphics are fun and the levels are challenging. All of these factors combine to make this game unbelievably addictive and hard to walk away from. This is a game you're going to want to play through to the end and you're going to have a blast while you do it. If you get stuck, look at the problem your facing, upgrade your skill and attribute points, be sure you're using the best weapon for the job and try to approach it in a different way. You'll get through it with a little time and patience. This game is a must play for any fan of adventure games and anyone looking for a fun way to pass the time.