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Aqua Bots Instructions

Use the WASD keys to move the ship on top while the arrow keys control the ship on the bottom. Press spacebar to shoot, the P key to pause the game, and the M key to mute sound. Beat the game on easy difficulty while getting a score of 32,000 or more to unlock hyper mode; getting 30,000 or 28,000 in the medium and hard difficulties, respectively, can also unlock hyper mode. Select your difficulty at the options menu.

Aqua Bots Walkthrough

Aqua Bots is an adventure game where you're actually playing two games - you'll control one sub on the top of the screen, and another immediately below it. Using the WASD and arrow keys to control both, you'll have to avoid obstacles, target enemies, and control both ships in tandem if you want to survive.

The game starts out easy enough - when you shoot with the spacebar, both subs shoot - and enemies will be placed accordingly. Instead of throwing everything at you all at once, the difficulty will gradually increase, but when it does, the game can get insanely difficult. Especially in hyper mode - but you'll have to get a high score first, and unlock it.

So, before you start ramming into coral reefs on accident, it's best to get comfortable with the controls as soon as possible. Your health bar is used by both ships - so taking out enemies and avoiding damage is a virtual must. Whenever you do happen to hit an enemy, they'll explode; it's best to avoid the explosion they make, since it can damage your sub.

Overall, Aqua Bots is a fun, sometimes difficult underwater adventure game. It's a manic frenzy with lots of shooting, lots of explosions, and lots of clumsy mistakes (at first). When you get comfortable with the controls, though, you'll unlock hyper mode in no time - good luck when you try it out.