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Alex the Adventurer (and the lost marbles) Instructions

Point and click on arrows to control Alex - some situations will require the use of items, which can be activated by another click. Making the wrong decision will result in a game over - and you'll have to start all over. Try to avoid glaringly obvious dangers, and remember that Alex will only do as you say - take precaution when necessary, and try to recover the lost marbles.

Alex the Adventurer (and the lost marbles) Walkthrough

As far as most point and click adventure games go, predictability can always ruin the fun you're having. Obvious clues, hints, and traps that are completely avoidable usually take away from gameplay, rather than adding to it - but these are all things that Alex the Adventurer (and the lost marbles) doesn't do. Instead of making what you have to do obvious, the game makes normally safe paths dangerous - even deadly, making you sit on the edge of your seat.

And it's not contrary to a fault, Alex the Adventurer is an adventure game that will make you think, rather than making you randomly guess. The answers you'll come across will make sense, and hopefully not just because of trial-and-error. The first obstacle you'll come across is an easy one: as the opening scene of the game unfolds, we find Alex in the cargo hold of an airplane. You'll be able to click on whatever actions Alex may perform, and the most obvious, at least in the first opening scene, is to jump out of the plane.

But, if you do happen to jump, you'll only witness Alex plummeting to his death, and you'll have to start over. What you're supposed to do is click on the parachute also in the cargo hold - but it's not something you would immediately notice, thereby giving the game some trial-and-error elements, but not too many.

As long as you remember to pay attention to small details, think rationally and act logically, you'll be fine in this adventure game. Try not to send Alex to his death too many times while hunting for the lost marbles - the time it takes to start the game over tedious.