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Acorn Story Instructions

Acorn Story is controlled by using the keyboard. Move by using the arrow keys or WASD keys. Press the spacebar to perform actions.

Acorn Story Walkthrough

Acorn Story is a brief, story-based adventure game. This platform game features artistic graphics, simple controls, and nine levels.

In Acorn Story, you play the role of a boy on a quest searching for a magical acorn. In terms of gameplay, the objective is to traverse each level, solving simple puzzles to clear obstacles along the way. If you perish on a level, do no fret; you are given unlimited tries in this adventure game. Once you have completed a level, the next level will be unlocked and your progress will be saved.

Acorn Story uses a simple keyboard control scheme. Press the spacebar to interact with objects such as switches and crates. The left and right arrow keys are used to move your character in the respective direction. The up arrow key is used to jump. Alternatively, you can use the respective WASD keys to move your character. Although Acorn Story is a platformer-based adventure game, bunny hopping (jumping repeatedly as you move) helps you to move faster.

Observation is the primary key to success in this puzzle game. Most puzzles are simple, and involve moving crates or pulling levers, but it requires a keen eye to find some of the items that you need to interact with, as they can blend in with the background. In some cases, it may pay off to scout around a level before doing anything. The trial-and-error approach may also work for some gamers. If you get stuck on a level of this adventure game, do not be ashamed to restart the level by clicking the button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Acorn Story is an addictive platformer puzzle game that will keep you playing until the end. The only thing missing for this adventure game is an epic giant squirrel boss!